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Lu's Birthday

high tea
Our precious little girl has just turned six. Part of me wonders where that time has gone, another part wonders how I ever lived without her. I love her so much!! I feel incredibly lucky to call her my daughter. From the moment we were together she has bought me so much joy. I remember when she was around four months old, I was high on love. I couldn’t believe our days could get any better, but they did. Lu’s natural instinct is to be delightful and caring. She is full of empathy, compassion and smiles. Lu is patient and placid, friendly and confident. I simply adore her!! I learn so much from her easy going ways that at times I feel our roles are reversed, goodness knows she has spent much of her little life taking very good care of me!
On to her birthday!! Despite the fact that we very seldom eat out, Lu loves the idea of restaurants and fine dining. For her birthday she requested high tea, bless her. I was relieved!! I would do a terrible job of whipping up a Toy Story cake….
I also found it to be much less work than having a party. We had many of the treats stashed away in the freezer and anything I didn’t have I made in advance and placed into the freezer.
The sweets were all gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar free. Many of the recipes were also free from nuts and eggs. The recipes do not contain colours, additives or preservatives.

We had quite a large variety but I think that picking four to six different recipes would typically be more than adequate. Ours was very much a little bit of this and a little bit of that as I simply used up we had on hand. Here is our list –


Fig and Pistachio Truffles

Whole Orange and Carrot Cake

Fruit Cake

Jersey Caramels

Apricot Bites

Tiny Teds

White Christmas

Macaroons (we served both vanilla and chocolate as these are one of Lu’s many favourites)

Chocolate slice

Chookies Cookies

Coconut Rough

Here’s To Friends Smoothie

For the cake we had Vanilla Cupcakes with pink icing.

There are also many other recipes on the website that would work really well, the Vanilla Slice and Choc Peanut Butter Bars would have been divine!!
Again, you would not need to make anything like this many recipes, I simply used up what I had in the freezer.
The photos below will show you how we presented it all. I chopped the Coconut Rough, Jersey Caramels and Apricot Bites into little squares and put them in the glass bowl with the heart shaped Tiny Teds. The other two small bowls contain the Macaroons and heart shaped Tiny Teds. The fruit salad was watermelon and green grapes.
We used empty, clean hulled tahini jars for the smoothie. We wrapped pink paper / card board around them and popped pink paper straws inside. We also had liquorice tea and mini tea cups and saucers.
The kids had a grand time!!! We will certainly do it again…….. and again and again.
high tea platter
high tea fruit
high tea drinks

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