Creamy Caramel Fudge

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As many of you know, the first couple of years of my precious little mans life were hard to say the least. I won’t rehash it, but let’s just say he spent a lot of time on me and very little time anywhere else.

The other day I made a comment about Eamon being the only baby in our family who didn’t cry when I wiped his nose.

Soon after he followed me up to my room.

He said “I was the best baby wasn’t I Mum? I mean, I was always really good wasn’t I?”

I froze for a moment.

A smile spread across my face and I wrapped that perfect little man in my arms and said “You sure were. You were everything I dreamt of and when you were a baby we had a beautiful time.”

Because he is and because we did.

Those years were hard, they were possibly the hardest time of my life. But I’ve never felt so loved and I’ve never learnt so much and although I could never do it again I wouldn’t change it for quids.

Creamy Caramel Fudge

  • 8 tablespoons cashew butter*
  • 4 medjool dates, seeds removed
  • 3 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, liquid
  • 2 tablespoons coconut cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  1. Place the ingredients into your food processor and blend until the dates are broken down and the mixture is smooth and well combined. Pour the mixture into a silicon loaf tin and place in the freezer to set and to store.
  2. Slice. Serve. Eat and enjoy.

*cashew butter is readily available, however if you would like to make your own the very simple recipe is here.

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Creamy Caramel Fudge
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  • sarah lyst

    Omg th

    • Thank YOU Sarah!!!! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed it. xxx

  • Valeska Espinosa

    Yum, yum, yum, yum. I made a batch of 20 and coated half in dark chocolate, delicious!

  • Liz Berry

    hi Bianca, are there any of your recipes i can use the fudge in or on? in case hubby isnt a fan as hes a big sweet tooth (im trying to cut him down hahaha)

    • You can add it to the ice creams. Try the salted caramel or ultra caramel?

  • Di

    Bianca, I just want to say that I really love your posts. Your recipes are great, of course, but the words that go with them are always heartwarming and golden. There are lots of words out there that I can’t be bothered reading but I am always glad when I read yours. 🙂

    • Oh Di that is sooooo lovely to hear!!! Thank YOU!! I have never considered myself to be much of a writer so your kind words are greatly appreciated. Have a lovely day and thanks again. Bianca

  • Belinda

    Has anyone tried using sun butter (sunflower seeds) instead of cashew butter? I’m wondering how much it would change the taste…