Almost A Chunky Caramel Kit Kat

Almost A Chunky Caramel Kit Kat

I spent a decade following all sorts of optimal health diets and other peoples rules.

I spent a decade speaking with health professionals and reading every piece of literature that came my way.

I spent a decade searching for a state of perfect well being.

Where I ended up was at a place of not knowing what to eat or what to believe.

I ended up frustrated and somewhat anxious. I ended up very confused.

I decided to forget it all. Everything I had tried, believed, read and heard. I decided to forget it all.

I decided to approach my diet with a beginners mind.

I decided to listen to my body and nothing else.

I decided to trust my intuition.

I stop overthinking it all. I relaxed. I ate and I enjoyed.

I felt the best I had felt in longer than I could recall. I felt happy and light and energetic. I felt sustained and nourished and content. I felt, at last, like I had found what I was searching for.

I am telling you this because increasingly I am seeing or receiving comments here and on my social media accounts saying we shouldn’t eat this or we shouldn’t eat that.

I personally do not believe it is that simple.

I personally do not believe that there is one uniform diet for every body.

I personally do not believe we can tell each other how to eat.

The approach I took will not work for everyone, but as I said, I do not believe that there is anything that will work for everyone. What I would like to ask is that we stop, at least on my little space, labelling foods (especially natural foods) as good or bad. That we stop telling people you should eat this or you shouldn’t eat that.

This isn’t what my space is about.

Almost A Chunky Caramel Kit Kat

the base

  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 1 cup almond meal
  • 1 tablespoon honey**
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

the choc

  • 50 grams 90% dark chocolate, melted
  • 1 tablespoon coconut cream
  • 1 tablespoon honey**

the caramel

  • 6 tablespoons cashew butter*
  • 1 tablespoon honey**
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon coconut cream
  • 1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

the optional extras

  • 50 grams dark chocolate, melted (if choosing to simply top them. I have made these a few times now and this is my preferred method, both for taste and ease)


  • 200 grams of melted dark chocolate (if choosing to coat them in chocolate)
  1. Place the base ingredients into your processor and blend at high speed until the mixture resembles a fine, sticky crumb. Spoon the mixture evenly over 20 holes of a silicon, mini muffin mould and press the mixture firmly down into the base of the holes. Set aside.
  2. Mix the melted chocolate, coconut cream and honey until smooth. Spoon one rounded teaspoon of the chocolate mixture on top of the base, level and repeat with all 20 bases. Once completed place them into the fridge while you make the next layer.
  3. Place the ingredients for the caramel layer into you processor and blend until the mixture is smooth and well combined. Spoon one rounded teaspoon of the mixture on top of the chocolate, level and repeat for all 20. Place them into the freezer while you prepare the chocolate.
  4. Top each one with melted chocolate and place into the fridge or freezer to set and store. Alternatively, you can leave them in the freezer to set for a few hours at the end of step 3 and then dip them in melted chocolate until they are completely coated. If you are dipping them in melted chocolate you will need to work quickly.

*cashew butter is readily available from the supermarket. You can also make your own, here is our recipe for cashew butter.

**you can use rice malt syrup if you prefer.

notes – the chocolate on top or to coat is optional, you can omit this step altogether if you prefer without compromising on taste.

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Almost A Chunky Caramel Kit Kat
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  • Terri

    I totally agree with you that everyone should figure out for themselves what food is good or works for them. This recipe looks so yummy, I’m going to try it today if I have time after work, or tomorrow definitely. Thanks for all the work you do to make these recipes.

  • Paula

    Thanks bianca. I am not one for replying on blogs normally but I think you hit the nail on the head with your commentary. Aside from that these treats, along with most of your other recipes look absolutely gorgeous and completely delicious. Needless to say you have been pinned many times on my “recipes to try” board on Pinterest! Thank you for bringing food joy to me and I’m sure many others ☺️

    • Thank YOU so much Paula. I really appreciate you breaking away from your norm and taking the time to write. I am glad you like my little space and the simple things I share. I really appreciate the feedback and I would love to hear how you go with anything that you try. Enjoy your night. Bianca xxxxx

  • Terri

    Bianca you take a complex looking recipe and make it ‘do able’ to the standard home cook! I am completely inspired when reading your blogs and recipes, and I love re-creating your recipes with a little bit of justice! Thank you!!!!

    • Thank YOU!!! I love seeing your pics!! I am so glad you are enjoying the recipes. Have a great day. Bianca

  • Peta

    These are amazing! Straight from the freezer, so yum!! I found I had to double the middle layer choc ingredients to have enough.. But you’ve done it again, thanks for another awesome recipe!! 🙂

    • Thank YOU Peta!!! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed it!! I especially love he pic! They look divine! Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • jacque

    It is bizarre Im reading this today as Ive spent 2 years being paleo (pretty damn strictly) and still have not achieved my goals. All it has done is strained my relationship, ostracised me socially and given me less time with my child. I still have zinc spots on my nails and mild hormonal acne despite eating the diet which should give my body a complete powerhouse of nutrition. Slowly slowly Ive started having other side effects and its all stemming back to stress/anxiety which I blame mostly on the diet. Im now realising how much the mental affects the physical and that physically I can eat so healthily however if im too stressed then I don’t absorb what im providing my body anyway………side note- haven’t made these but totally saving them for a rainy day when I can. xo

    • Oh Jacque I was so saddened by this! One thing I know for sure is that you are not alone and that your words will resonate well with many. I just hope you are finding a way out and that you are being gentle on yourself.
      It took me many years to realise that diet wasn’t the be all and end all, there was never a time and never a diet that fixed everything, and when I relaxed my rules nothing got worse, actually everything got so much better! Everyone has to walk their own path and do what feels right for them I just hope you find a way that brings you more joy and less stress. Sending love. Bianca x

      • jacque

        Thank u for ur response. I hope I do too. I’m sick of spending money seeing different health ppl who all claim theyll help me for sure. But its ok
        I could be a lot worse!

  • These look sooooo good!! And I couldn’t agree with you more! Each individual is so unique and different ways of eating work best for different individuals. Keep doing what you’re doing… Your photography is amazing!!

    • Oh you are being far too lovely!!!! Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your kind words!!! I am glad you think my photos are ok…I view it as a bit of a weakness….

  • Beverley

    I made these as a slice in a small loaf tin, they didn’t last long and the flavour was delicious

    • Thank YOU!!!! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed the recipe! The slice idea is perfect!

  • Heather Sanders

    I am commenting on your words rather than the recipe (though oh my word it is on my to do list tomorrow 😉 ) I often feel crazy overwhelmed, guilt ridden and frustrated now when it comes to food. I am a foody with literally 100 or more cookbooks! I love spending an afternoon with a cup of tea, post it notes and my books. I am not nor have I ever been ‘over weight’ and yet I find myself obsessing over the new fad diet, labelling so many recipes as ‘bad’ food. Yet rationally I know, that if it is home made, whole food, unprocessed then can it really be ‘bad’ for me if I do not have a medical allergy to it! I love to juice, it makes me feel great and yet I stopped because I was told it was ‘bad’ for me. I looked at the keto diets and people eating huge amount of cream cheese and bacon and slaying sweet potato, carrots and corn as ‘evil’. Rationally I knew that was nuts but I bought into it for a while. I love you philosophy of EVERYBODY is different, we all thrive on different things. That if it is whole food and natural and a balanced approach is applied then can it really be deemed ‘bad’? It makes me sad that I feel anxious, guilt ridden, overwhelmed by food when it should be a joy to be shared. I believe that mindless eating, eating without joy, eating with guilt is far worse for our bodies and minds. So, thank you for these words I stumbles across today. Now I can begin again, with common sense and listening to my own body. If it’s whole food, chemical free and I am not ‘allergic’ then I will enjoy it with abandon. Once again, I will bake on a Sunday afternoon and feed my heart and soul, not just my body. Much gratitude to you.