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Run Drink Run Smoothie


Apparently in some homes breakfast is a leisurely affair. Families rise, chat, perhaps drink some tea, then casually go about preparing and cooking a gorgeous meal while helping each other in the kitchen and discussing the day ahead.

This is not my house. Our home leans more towards, ‘it is best not to speak until we have eaten.’

Breakfast needs to be ready in minimal time, with minimal mess. It must be scrumptious, who wants to start their day with average? This is our go to breakfast, it is where we turn when I’m disorganised or surrounded by chaos, when we have to race out the door, or when nobody knows what they want to eat.

Run Drink Run Smoothie

1 pear

1 frozen banana

1 handful spinach (optional)

3 level tablespoons rolled oats or desiccated coconut (finely shredded dried coconut)

1 heaped tablespoon almonds

1 cup water

Blend and enjoy!

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