Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Bread

quick and easy sweet potato bread

Sweet Potato Bread

  • 1 cup roasted sweet potato flesh (approximately 200 grams cooked weight)*
  • 1 cup coconut flour
  • 1 cup full fat greek natural yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda
  1. Preheat your oven to 175°C or 350°F. Grease and line a loaf tin. Mine measures 19.5cm x 9.5cm.
  2. Place the sweet potato, coconut flour, yoghurt, maple syrup and eggs into your processor and blend until the mixture resembles a smooth, runny batter. Add the bicarb soda and mix to combine. Pour the mixture into your prepared tin and bake for 45 – 50 minutes.
  3. Remove from the oven and cool in the tin for 10 minutes before gently transferring to a cooling rack. Allow to cool completely prior to cutting.
  4. Slice. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

*I use the purple skin / white flesh sweet potato. I believe they are often called Japanese Sweet Potato or Japanese Yams.

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Quick and Easy Sweet Potato Bread
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  • Sarah

    Could you use red sweet potato? We are intolerant to white sweet potato.

    • bianca

      Yes you can but I do not find them quite as nice, just make sure you have a lovely topping, such as our blueberry jam or caramel sauce. I hope you enjoy them. Bianca

  • Sonia

    if you couldn’t use root vegetables what would you recommend to replace with

    • Natasha

      I was just reading the recipe and wondering whether you could substitute the sweet potato for cannelini beans? I might give it a go and report back 🙂 Thanks for the delicious-looking recipe.

      • bianca

        I love the sound of that Natasha, be sure to let me know how it turns out. Many thanks, Bianca

        • Natasha

          I think I died and went to bread heaven!!! Ok, I know it’s not paleo to use beans but I tried them anyway in the name of food science. Verdict = delicious! No ‘beany’ taste whatsoever, it was reminiscent of damper or almost like a scone. The only changes I made were to just add a squeeze of lemon (not the full amount in the recipe) and drained and rinsed can (400g before draining) of cannelini beans instead of the sweet potato. It is really really filling so you don’t need much to satisfy 🙂 Thanks again for the recipe, I will try the original version next time round.

          • bianca

            Thank you so much Natasha, I think many people will love this idea!!! I am so pleased that you liked it and took the time to write. Enjoy, Bianca

          • bianca

            Thank you so much Natasha, this is a fabulous substitution and I am sure it will help many others! I really appreciate you taking the time to right. I am glad you enjoy the bread as much as we do. I look forward to hearing how you go with the original version. Many thanks, Bianca

          • Natasha

            Not a problem… trust me, it was my pleasure! 🙂

    • bianca

      Hi Sonia, another reader has suggested trying them with cannelini beans, this might be worth trying? I hope that helps, many thanks, Bianca

    • julie

      try avocado – I don;t have the recipe on me right now so don;t know quantities but made a lovely avocado bread last week – just google 🙂

  • marissa

    Can you toast the bread in a toaster? Thanks!

    • bianca

      I have not tried Marissa, but yes, I think you absolutely could. We just make small slices. I would love to hear how you go with it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Caro Fallon

    So happy that I discovered your website by someone sharing one of your recipes on facebook….all of your recipes are an inspiration, haven’t tried them all yet, but am planning to!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing how you go with the recipes. Enjoy, Bianca

  • Erika

    Do you think the purple skin, purple flesh would work well? I have yet to find the purple skin white flesh yams! Thank you!

    • bianca

      I have never had that one, I think it will be fine although it will look different to mine. Be sure to let me know how it goes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Sirleny Garcia

    Wow … this looks delicious and I’ve got all the ingredients at home, except the baking soda. Can I use baking powder instead?

    • bianca

      If you try this Sirleny let me know how it goes. I simply share the basic things we get up to in the kitchen, I am by no means a cook, I am sorry that I am not much help. Bianca

  • Danielle

    Hi there. I made this yesterday and while it’s delicious, I’m not sure if I’ve got the right consistency. My bread is very dense and moist. It’s more like a cake than a bread. Apart from that, it is very yummy. I toasted it this morning and topped it with ricotta and a drizzle of honey. Yum!

    • bianca

      Yes Danielle, that sounds perfect. It is similar to a banana bread but without the sweetness. I do not try to mimic a standard bread, I would not even know where to start. This is ‘bread’ at our place. I am glad you like it, I am sorry if it is not what you were expecting. Perhaps I should adjust the name? Many thanks, Bianca

  • Is there an egg substitution that would go with this bread? Usually I would use apple sauce, which could go with this.

    • bianca

      Hi Michelle, I have not tried this recipe without egg. If you find a suitable substitute be sure to let me know as it will help many others. Thank you, Bianca

    • Jody

      A good substitute for eggs is flaxseed. 1 egg = 1 Tbs of flaxseed soaked in 3 Tbs water. Hopefully that will work for you Michelle!
      Bianca- I only just found your website and LOVE it! Cannot wait to try many recipes out.

      • bianca

        Thank you so much Jody, I hope you enjoy the recipes. I really appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to help Michelle out. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Mel calkin

    Its in the oven….fingers crossed!! 🙂

    • bianca

      I hope you like it Mel. xx

  • Bill Kinsey

    How do you roast your sweet potatoes? I’m new to using items like dates & sweet potatoes as bases for foods and the only thing I’ve ever done with them was boil them for a pie filling.

    • bianca

      Hi, I wash mine and put them in straight into the oven. Typically they take around an hour at 175 degrees however it will depend on the size. Our baked potato post might help you out? Many thanks, Bianca

  • Jan

    HI Bianca, thank you for your recipes. I am anxious to try this one, however, I cook for 6 and have traditional-size loaf pans and will be baking 2 at a time (my teenage boys would inhale a mini-pan each in one mouthful!!!) How would you alter temperature or time for a 9×5 pan? Thank you!–Jan

    • bianca

      Hi Jan, I would try doing 1.5 of the recipe and extending the covered cooking time by 20 minutes. I haven’t tried this and would love to hear how you go. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Michelle

    Hello I need help with the grams part… When it calls for 300 grams what would that be in cups? And would it be possible for future posts to say both grams and cups, table spoons or teaspoon? Thanks so much

    • Nana

      300 grams = 10.58 ounces. You can google conversion tables when you need to know what is equal in ounces.

      • bianca

        Thank you! I am sure this will be really helpful to many people who are using our recipes. Enjoy, Bianca

  • Kerry

    I tried this tonight and the taste is delish but I am slowly realising that I am not too much of a fan of coconut flour. Could I substitute almond meal!!!

    • bianca

      I have not tried this Kerry, but if you work out a substitute to coconut flour I would love to hear about it! Many thanks, Bianca

    • Jo

      Hi Kerry,
      Did you try this with almond meal and if so, how did it turn out? I’m in a love/hate relationship with coconut flour, sometimes I can’t get enough of it, other times the taste is too strong.

  • Sarina

    I tried to make a slightly larger loaf this afternoon. After about 45-50 mins it was rising beautifully. I covered it with foil as per the instructions & cooked it for another 30 mins & when I checked it, it had sunk & was soggy. It seemed like it wouldn’t cook any more do I took it out & cooled it, but when I cut it, it wasn’t cooked thru at all. I’m not sure what I did wrong, as it had a nice crust at first.
    Any suggestions as to what I did wrong?
    I will try again, but don’t think I’ll cover it this time.

    • bianca

      Hi Sarina, I am unsure what has happened. You do not need to cover the bread at all unless it looks like it might start burning before the centre is cooked through. I have not tried increasing the amounts for this recipe. You can use the recipe as it is and make it into muffins if that helps? Many thanks, Bianca

  • karina

    I’m going to try this with pumpkin!

    • Sarah

      how did it go with the pumpkin?? 🙂

      • Susan Childers

        How was this bread with pumpkin?

      • subrosa

        I’m also anxious to hear if the pumpkin worked out. Does it need some spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves}?

  • Karry

    Can you tell me please step by step how to make sweet potato chips??

    • bianca

      Hi Karry, I have added this to my request list, I hope to get them up on the blog soon. Thank you for the inspitation. Bianca

  • Ali

    I tried this last night but it failed for me.. I was cooking a roast at the same time though and fear that I opened the oven door too many times. I’m going to try it again but will use patty pans and make them smaller and put them in the middle of the oven 🙂 and not open the door until I think they’re ready!
    I love the jersey caramels, and apple crumble so far!
    Great recipes Bianca. Thank you!
    I’ve printed out a dozen recipes from your site and can’t wait to try them all 🙂

    • bianca

      Hi Ali, I am sorry your bread did not turn out. I am pleased you are enjoying some of the of the other recipes. Thank you for taking the time to write. Enjoy, Bianca

    • bianca

      Hi Ali, thank you for writing. I am sorry the bread has not worked for you. I am glad you are enjoying some of the other recipes. Thanks again, Bianca

      • Ali

        I tried the chewy chocolate cookies and fudge today. Oh my!! Chocolate heaven!

        • bianca

          Thank you Ali, it is lovely of you to write! I am glad you enjoyed them. Bianca

          • Ali

            Tried this bread again finally 🙂 very happy with how it has turned out this time!
            Thanks Bianca!

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  • Ma Elisa

    Hi! I’ve just put this one in the oven!!!
    I’ve been looking for a simple recipe and I fell in love with it because it is really simple! It’s too hard to find coconut flour/milk/oil, almond flour, flaxseed meal, and many many other products here in Argentina. the only coconut flour I had was made by me following instructions from paleo blogs, so you get what I mean by a simple recipe 🙂

    My home smells delicious so far! Can’t wait to try it!


    • bianca

      Thank you ! I am glad you like the recipe. I hope out well for you. Many thanks, Bianca

  • laura

    can you sub the coconut milk?

    • bianca

      Hi Laura, you can use melted butter, does that help? Many thanks, Bianca

  • vivian

    How much does this recipe make? 1/2 cup of coconut flour does not seem enough for a loaf pan

    • bianca

      Hi Vivian, I use a mini loaf pan. I hope that helps. Bianca

  • carly

    This looks delicious! I’m going to try to make this with 1/4 cup almond flour + 1/4 cup oat flour (for non paleo). Also, I think I will make them into muffins! yum

  • Karin

    My husband’s comment was “that’s mad!” And he’s taking a huge slab to work tomorrow. Thank you 🙂

    • bianca

      Fabulous!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write. x

  • debrah russell

    please email me the recipes.

    • bianca

      Hi Debrah, to receive the recipes in our weekly newsletter simply sign up on the home page of the website. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Karin

    Made this yesterday and it tasted fantastic. Should I have kept it in the fridge? It was seriously green this afternoon. I did use almond milk. Have you had yours change colour?

    • bianca

      I am glad you liked it. I haven’t had my change colour but I do keep it in the fridge. I hope that helps, Bianca

      • Linda

        Mine went green too … Looks like a pandan cake now which is quite fitting as I live in Singapore haha

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  • Sarah B

    I made this one tonight with red sweet potato. I also did a double batch. It was still very damp when I took it out of the oven. I did give it extra cooking time. The crust looked a little burnt. I did cover it but I think I should of covered it earlier. I will try again with the white fleshed sweet potato and see how I go next time. I love your web sight it is amazing.

  • Jo

    We loved these!! I put them out with dinner and my husband said ‘what recipe is this?’ I replyed ‘one of the net, wholefood simply, why?’ He replyed ‘they are really good!’ I almost dropped of my chair from shock! It’s rare he compliments my baking! These are seriously awesome and one of the best ‘bread’ alternatives I’ve tasted. Though, it’s not much like bread. I think it’s better 🙂
    Now to the changes; I used orange SP because it’s what I had on hand and I used flax seed as an egg replacer (for my husbands egg intollorance). I also baked them in my square cupcake tray and cut the baking time in half, just because I had to have them ready with dinner within 30mins. My 5yr and 3yr olds gobbled them down and my 8mth old rejected her dinner so she could eat mine 🙂 your recipes are seriously amazing!

  • Amanda

    Just wondering if it is 300g of raw sweet potato or cooked potato?


    • bianca

      It is cooked. I hope you like it.

  • Emma

    i was going to ask the same thing about the flesh being raw or cooked… so do you boil and mash it? or just roast it?

    • bianca

      I roast it Emma and I remove the skin.

  • http://www.myprimaladventures.com/2013/11/ham-cheese-soup.html

    I link to your bread recipe in my Ham & Cheese Soup post. It was the perfect side!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much. I am glad you like it. Bianca. x

  • katherine

    Hi there, I tried the recipe but it didn’t turn looking like yours. Did you use 300g of sweet potato with flesh or just 300g of potato flesh? Not sure why it looked different but it still tastes great.

    • bianca

      Hi Katherine, I used 300 grams of cooked and cooled sweet potato flesh, no skin. I used the white flesh sweet potato. I hope that helps. I am glad you enjoyed the taste. Thanks, Bianca. x

    • katherine

      I’m going to retry it again with 300g of ‘cooked’ sweet potato and use a cake tin of right dimensions. Does your mixture rise significantly or just a little or not at all?

  • Carolyn @ Champagne Cartel

    Hi Bianca, I just tried this recipe and I have to say I didn’t have high hopes – I have never had success baking with coconut flour. But I still have a giant sack of it in the cupboard so thought I may as well give it a go. It is amazing! So light and moist and delicious – really happy with this one! I found it sweet enough as it is so just used butter or cream cheese (it lasted two morning teas). I think next time I might add some ginger or cloves or something or other to add spice just for fun but it’s amazing as it is too. THANK YOU!

  • Linda

    Being a big fan of your Pumpkin and Almond bread I thought I’d give this a shot too! I only had 250gm white flesh sweet potato so I added an extra spoon of coconut flour and then 1/4 cup tapioca flour. It is amazing .. Light fluffy and well worth the 60 minutes cooking time. Thanks again Bianca for another bread to go with my slab of butter!

  • Danyale

    Does this bread rise?

    • bianca

      No, certainly not like a wheat based bread. I hope this helps, Bianca

  • Rose

    I’ve made these as muffins a couple of times, I leave the skin on the sweet potatoes. I’ve also made this with kobacha squash and it is very moist. I use three tablespoons of organic soy milk instead of coconut milk. Very nice recipe.

    • bianca

      Thank you Rose. I am glad you like it. Bianca. x

  • Sarina

    So excited – Finally tried this recipe again & it worked.
    My little girl & I love it!

  • marisa rechenberg

    I’ve forgotten to put the coconut milk…but it was so good and so moist that I wonder how it could improve! I don’t know what you call ‘coconut flour’ – I used coconut flakes/raw grated coconut (as we have tons here in Malaysia) and it was very, very good. It was my 10 months-old baby’s desert and she loved as well!

    • bianca

      Fabulous! Thank you. xx

  • Susan

    I doubled the recipe because I didn’t have a smaller loaf pan. I baked it at 300 degrees for 90 minutes, covering the top loosely with foil for the last 20 minutes. It came out perfectly. The consistancy is much like banana bread and I think I would add a little more salt next time. Very good!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Susan!! I am glad you like it. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Bianca. x

  • Melanie from South Africa

    Hi there! Hoping this isn’t a dumb question…
    Can I boil / microwave the sweet potatoes rather than roasting them?
    Not wanting to use oven for too lengthy times due to electricity usage 🙁

    • Hi Melanie, it isn’t a silly question at all. You can use other cooking method for the potato but it will change the bread. If you boil the potatoes you will have more moisture and they will not be as sweet, if you microwave them the texture will be similar but again I don’t think they will be quite as sweet. In saying that I suspect the bread will still be very nice. I hope this helps. Thanks, Bianca

      • Melanie from South Africa

        Hi Bianca! Thanks, I microwaved it and the bread came out super well! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • ddeike

    I don’t have a gram weight scale, about how many cups is 300g? Thanks!

    • At a guess it is slightly more then one cup, I think this will work fine.

  • Domi

    Hi. Do you think I would be able to sub eggs? I’ve been looking for an easy egg free bread recipe. Also is the lemon for flavour or is it needed?

    • You cannot taste the lemon, if you do not want to use it you could try using baking soda instead of bicarb. I have not made this without eggs sorry so I am not much help there.

  • Ashley

    Does it call for canned coconut milk or the liquid kind? How many cups worth of sweet potato is 300gm?

    • Yes, canned, the sweet potato will be just over a cup cooked. I hope you like it.

  • Karen

    I just made this. But I got unsweetened coconut milk….which has no taste. Also in the blender it was too thick to blend…had to do it by hand. It is still in the oven….

  • Karen

    I got a half gallon of coconut milk at WF….it is tasteless! I was surprised…the flour smells good…I have a feeling this will come out like a brick…:(

  • Ellen

    can you make it with coconut cream or dose it have to be with coconut milk?

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  • Wendy

    Made this this afternoon. I’m doing the 21 Day Sugar Detox but am craving carbs. This hit the spot. I added some walnuts and it almost tricks my mind into thinking they are chocolate chips. 🙂 I think I’d like to try it again with almost flour though. Also, didn’t have sweet potato so I used roasted butternut squash puree. I keep some extra in the freezer for such things. Very moist, not sweet but nice with a bit of unsalted butter.

    • Fabulous! Thank you. I am glad you like it. All the best with the detox. x

  • Kimberly

    I made this last night and it tasted great but I used a normal sized tin (9″x5″) so obviously it is only about 2-3cm high, would this work if I double the recipe and used the same tin? I know from previous experience that coconut flour can be tricky to bake with so I thought I would check before try it and waste half a dozen eggs.

    • I think it would work but I have not tried it sorry, you would need to adjust the cooking time. Be sure to let me know how you go. others have made it in muffin tins if that helps at all?

      • Kimberly

        Muffin tins would be perfect! I only have it for breakfast with a poached egg so that would work even better. Being the experimental baker that I am I will try both and let you know how doubling it goes.
        Oh and thanks for your site, I have made so many of your recipes, I hate over processed food and I have an allergy to dairy (bovine protein) so your site has become one of my go-to sites when I want a healthy yummy recipe, you have inspired me to come up with my own ideas too. Thank you! x

        • Thank you so much! Be sure to let me know how you go. Can I ask how you identified your allergy and what symptoms you have? Feel free to private message me if you do not want to discuss it publicly. I hope you do not mind me asking. many thanks, Bianca

          • Kimberly

            Made the bread in the muffin tins last night and it worked great, cooked great and tasted great with my poached egg this morning so thanks for the tip!
            Regarding the allergy, I have suffered from severe constipation and “gastroenteritis” (according to the doctors) since I was a baby, I use to end up getting vomiting injections every couple of months when I was a kid because I would get so sick I would just wretch constantly, my stomach would reject medicine, water, everything. I wasn’t a skinny kid I was just normal but when I started bleeding at age 7 they decided to look into it more, after painful and mortifying barium enemas and colonoscopies they found nothing and told my parents it was all normal, this was over 20 years ago so I guess they were a bit ignorant about food allergies/intolerances. A couple of years ago I got very sick, I hadn’t been to the bathroom in over two weeks and I felt nauseas all the time so I went to a great gastroenterologist here in Sydney with all of my medical history and she almost fell off her chair, she couldn’t believe I had put up with this and that three gastro specialists had said it was normal to bleed. All they ever found was that my entire bowel is covered in “spots”, kind of like freckles, hundreds of them, this was the only abnormal thing they ever found, so the new gastro did all the tests and ruled out everything she could and gave me that wonderful diagnosis of IBS (the “disease of exclusion”), she then made me promise to go to a nutritionist and find out what causes it, so with an intense food diary, patience (it took over three months) and trial and error (cutting food groups) we discovered it was dairy (lactose intolerance had been ruled out in testing so that left bovine protein, which would also explain why I always felt sick after steak and turned vegetarian at age 12 and why I was so sick as a kid when I loved eating natural unsweetened yoghurt). All later confirmed with proper testing. I have also found that my super sensitive gut cannot handle over processed foods and from a health perspective I have never liked them anyway so your blog is just amazing to me! I have been off dairy for just over 2 years now and I feel like a different person, I enjoy eating now as I don’t have to worry about how I will feel after and I know all of the alternatives and substitutes so I don’t feel like I’m missing out, its just annoying it took so long to find out what the issue was.

          • Oh my goodness, you have been through a lot!! I am glad you are feeling better now, Thank you for sharing your story. Bianca. x

          • David LaGue

            we made this bread and my husband stored it in ziplock bag in refrigerator. Pulled it out to have a slice this am and it is moist and mushy. Just fell apart in my hand. How do you store this?

          • Really? How strange.. I store it in an air tight container in the fridge. I let it cool completely before I put it into the container. I am sorry it didn’t keep well for you, thank you for the feedback. Bianca.

          • Daisy P

            Thank you so much for sharing your story. Can I ask who your gastroenterologist is? You said she’s in Sydney, I’m hoping that’s Australia.

          • Kimberly

            Hi Daisy,

            Yes its Sydney Australia, Dr Alina Stoita, she has rooms in Macquarie St as well as Prince of Wales and St Vincent’s Private and my very amazing nutritionist was Liz at Newtown Nutrition. I cannot recommend them enough, they both saved me so much further pain and discomfort.

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  • Cee

    I just tried making this and it came out with a more dense, cake-like texture. I had to guess at some of the measurements as I don’t have much equipment, so I was just wondering what the consistency of the mixture should be like before it goes in the oven? It tastes absolutely delicious though!

    • It sounds like you have made it perfectly. It is not like a wheat based bread.

  • BeckyH

    I’m also about to try this out with a muffin tin as I don’t have a small enough loaf tin… can anyone help with adjusting the cooking times please? Thanks!

    • I suspect it would be around 30 minutes, you may need to cover with foil at 20 minutes. Let me know how you go.

      • BeckyH

        Thank you! I did actually bake them for 20 mins uncovered, then they needed another 15 mins covered with foil. They were lovely, but I also got the funny green colour on the top of the muffins, is there something I should do differently to avoid this?!

        • I am not sure why this has happened, did you use sunflower seed butter? I haven’t had it happen myself so I am not sure what to suggest. Do you store them in the fridge? I am sorry that I have not been much help!!

        • Daisy P

          I find you get the green colour from the potato. It’s totally fine.

  • Karen C

    Hello, can this be put in the freezer after it cools down? I’m on a rotation diet due to allergies so I can only eat this one day each week and I’d love to find a recipe that I can just pull a few slices out of the freezer once a week.

  • Andrea Pennington

    This sounds so yummy and I can’t wait to try it…but I live in France and I’ve never seen coconut flour. If I can’t find it easily, what substitute do you recommend?

    Also, how long do you roast the sweet potato for? I’m not a roaster so I need to know, do you put it in aluminum foil or what?

    Thanks a bunch!

    • I just roast the potato whole, exactly as it is on around 200 degrees, it typically takes an hour or so depending the size. When it is cook it will be soft and you will be able to easily insert a skewer. I have only ever made this with coconut flour sorry, perhaps try online?

    • LRSmith

      You can make your own coconut flour. Google it. It is rather simple or you could always order online and have it shipped. Check local stores that sell Organic products.

  • Ruth L.

    I would make this if I knew what 300 grams of sweet potato flesh was in a regular measure.

    • It is a little over 1 cup, I hope you like it.

  • Sybil Cooper

    What could you substitute for the eggs? Would applesauce work?

    • I have not subbed eggs in this one sorry. If you do try apple sauce or chia gel please let me know how you go. Either way I would only sub to the equivalent of 2 – 3 eggs. Sorry I ma not much help with this one!

  • Caroline Watts

    Made this today and really enjoyed it. No bloating and I found it doesn’t sit heavy. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you. x

    • Blippety

      Wheat is usually to blame for bloatedness, so no it’s no surprise things are different with this bread recipe. 🙂

      • Thank you. I am glad it has worked well for you. x

  • Dan Hines

    Hi Bianca. I made these tonight and my partner and I love them! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you!! I really appreciate the feedback. x

  • Karen Fox

    Hi there, do you know if these freeze well?

    • Karen Fox

      Found the answer down the page 🙂

    • Yes I think so.

  • Katherine

    I am curious where I can find nutrition facts for this bread?

    • I am not sure, I think there website where you can type in the information?

  • Tracy

    My 8 month old who has been slow to get going with solid food loves this sweet potato bread. Best thing about it that my paleo husband loves it too! Have recommended it to a couple of other mums and they have all had success. Thank you!

    • Fabulous!!! That is wonderful feedback. Thank you. Be sure to let me know how you go with any other recipes that you try. Bianca. x

  • Lourdes Velazquez

    when you say coconut milk…do you mean the thin stuff you can find in the fridge? or the canned whole milk??

    • The one I buy is in a can, I get the full fat one.

  • I’m having a hard time getting my bread to raise up, it only gets to about 1.5 inches tall 🙁 Am I doing doing anything wrong? Any tips?

    • No, I don’t think so. None of my coconut flour recipes will rise much. Are you using a small loaf tin?

  • Ingrid

    I have my first loaf in the oven… can’t wait! I also mixed mine by hand because my kids are still sleeping… I’m hoping to try this recipe as rolls. I so miss eating rolls with soup on the cold wintery days!

    • I think the rolls sound lovely! I hope you enjoyed it. x

  • CathyB

    I made this a few days ago and it is delicious. I’ve recently cut wheat/grains out of my diet and find that breakfast is the hardest. I decreased the coconut milk by a tablespoon and added in a tablespoon of nut butter, 2 teaspoons of honey and a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon. It’s a perfect start to my day!

  • Erica

    Oh my goodness! I made this a while ago but with orange sweet potatoes…. Today I’m using purple I just peeled the skins of and ate them with butter, delish!!! I’m sure your well aware of this 🙂

    • bianca

      Yes, I am a purple sweet potato and the skins addict. I am glad you are enjoying them too. x

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  • Suzanna

    I really wanted to like this bread recipe because it looks and sounds delicious and I’ve been avoiding most grains for a while. I followed the recipe exactly and I found the end result to be very disappointing. The texture was ok and it held together, but the flavor was awful. It tasted like coconut flour glue and lemon. I used Nutiva coconut flour and white sweet potatoes and it was just awful. I just wanted to share this, since it seems most of the other comments were extremely positive. I am excited to try more of your recipes and appreciate the blog!

    • Thank you. I am sorry you have not enjoyed it. I hope you have more success wot some of the other recipes. Be sure to let me know. x

  • Maya

    Awful!!! Very disappointed!

    • I am sorry you haven’t enjoyed the recipe, I hope you find some others that you like. x

  • Rani

    If you double or triple the recipe how much longer would you need to bake? I have a bread loving partner and the amount made with the portions in this recipe simply won’t be enough! Thanks so much for this blog I am loving it!!

    • If doubling I would suggest making them as muffins. I have not made this as a large loaf. I hope this helps.

  • Anita

    Hi Bianca, do you think almond milk would work for this recipe?

    • Rani

      I used almond milk and almond meal and it was fine

    • Certainly worth trying, be sure to let us know how you go. x

  • Nadia

    I made this a few weeks ago and doubled the recipe, as we only have a large-ish loaf pan. It was a bit much, even sliced thinly. Not complaining, though, because I figured out that I quite liked it once I’d fried it in bacon fat. Which probably sounds gross. Either way, it was delicious once I discovered that, haha.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the end result!! Thanks for sharing. x

      • Also, if you want to make a large batch you can make it as muffins. x

        • Nadia

          I considered it, but thought I’d try it as bread. Next time I will definitely try it as a muffin.

  • Andrea

    I just made this and I absolutely love it! I am a celiac and have been eating gluten free for almost 5 years now. Recently I decided to just go paleo and cut out all grains for health reasons… and it has been months since I have had a slice of gluten free bread. This was so good, thank you for sharing this recipe 🙂

    • Thank you!!!! I really appreciate you writing and I am glad you have enjoyed it. I hope you are feeling well since changing your diet. Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try.

  • Viviana

    HI, Im literally about to put the mix in the oven but Im not sure about the texture.. I doubled it and used flax milk instead of coconut. The texture is not liquid as in able to pour mix in pan. Is more like a soft fluffy play dough… Is this the right consistency? DO I need to add oil? I notice the recipe doesn’t call for it

    • The consistency sounds fine but I am not sure how the recipe will go doubled. If you want to increase this recipe you can make it as muffins. I hope it all worked out. x

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  • cayley

    what kind of coconut milk do you use in this? from a coconut, a can, or a carton you drink from?

    • cayley

      Never mind, I read the comments below! Sorry to bother!

    • From a can, the full fat one.

  • Henrietta Kiss

    How many lb is 1/2 cup :)?

    • I googled and it said 0.14 pound. Best to google those things, I am hopeless with pounds sorry.

      • Amber L Hansen

        It’s 1/4 pounds or 4 oz

  • Jess

    Sorry if someone has posted this already. I have all the ingredients on hand except a lemon. What could I use instead? Thanks heaps 🙂

    • Allie

      I don’t have a lemon either and I plan to use apple cider vinegar

  • vonny

    Hi Bianca i will try this recipe tomorrow i have tried a few but they have a really distinctive baking soda after taste, only going by the recipe of 1teasp b.soda maybe its the apple cider vinegar…any how didnt impress me much…will keep you posted.

    • Perhaps try the banana and blueberry bread, there is no bicarb in that one 🙂

  • Dizzy

    I tried the recipe but it was too moist and just didnt want to cook through properly. I tried leaving it in the oven for longer but it didnt help.

    • I am sorry it has not worked well for you. I hope you find some others on the site that you enjoy. x

  • Claudia

    Hi Bianca, my first try went successfully. These are my little variations to your recipe: I used hazelnut meal and it tastes nice and nutty. Also, I doubled the amounts and used a small nonstick lasagna pan sized 20x15cm and only 5cm high instead of a loaf pan which allows the bread to come out flat rather than high . Since I had boiled the sweet potato, the bread came out a bit on the moist side, but very evenly so. Will use a bit more hazelnut meal next time to counter this or perhaps just roast the potato. Thank you very much for this lovely recipe, the bread is certain to become a favourite!

    • Fabulous!!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of that! Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • Sarah

    how much is 300 grams????

  • Sarah

    I made this tonight and mine didn’t turn out to be as good looking as it is on the picture. 🙁 I used yellow yams and they’re probably too sticky, like pumpkin. So it’s super moist and doesn’t taste like bread at all. I guess I should use less when using yellow yams. I hope to make it again using white ones and will see how it goes. 🙂

    • Thank you. I hope you have more success next time and that you find some other recipes that you enjoy.

    • Mary

      Hi Sarah, I just made this and mine came out the same way as yours. I think it’s because I used baking powder instead of baking soda. What did you use? I’ll be trying again this weekend…

  • Jill Davies

    Hi I just made this . It was easy to make and tastes delicious.love it.

    • Fabulous! I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you. x

  • Jill Davies

    This is my first attempt. I’m feeling quite pleased with myself. It tastes lovely.

    • You should be pleased! It looks perfect!!! Thank you so much! xx

  • Daisy P

    Hi Bianca, I’m going to try this recipe to make a smorgastorta with for a T1 Diabetics birthday. Does it hold well if moist toppings are used?

    • Daisy I don’t know that it would. I haven’t tried it though so if you do be sure to let me know how you go.

  • Ethan’s Mommy

    Hi Bianca, what can I use to substitute for the eggs? My son is allergic to wheat, eggs, dairy and nuts. :/ Thanks in advance, i would love to try this recipe.

    • I have only made this one with eggs sorry. WE do have quite a few egg free recipes. If you would like the link to them all feel free to send me a PM and I shall forward it on to you.

  • packingtruth

    Oh I am so excited about finding this site. I’ve been learning why a diet without grains is important for me at this time and I was so concerned about how to bake. THIS SITE HAS SO MANY WONDERFUL IDEAS and I am truly grateful. I will share your recipes and helpful blog. Can’t wait to try these breads!!! You are making a real difference for many lives. I hope everyone appreciates what a gift this is!!!

    • Thank you! That is lovely to hear. I hope you find many recipes that you enjoy. xx

  • Kim

    I must have done something wrong…mine came out dry and didn’t taste so good. I used all the ingredients but didn’t put it in the blender/food processor. I whisked the wet ingredients then added the dry ingredients and mixed it together. I had a dough consistency and only cooked for 30 minutes. I had many cracks on the top indicating that it was dry. My sweet potato was warm when I added it to the mixture. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kim, I am sorry it hasn’t worked for you. I am not sure what has happened. My only thoughts would be that made using the processor could make a difference, also as you suggested the just cooked potato, mine is typically made the day before. I hope you find some other recipes that work well for you. Bianca

    • KateW

      Hi Kim, I made this yesterday and I had the same problem. Mine turned out dry. I used a food processor and used cold sweet potato mash from the day before. I followed the ingredients to the tea. I’m going to give it a second go but instead of using the bread tin I will separate the mixture into two small springform cake tins and see how it turns out and as soon as I see the top starting to crack I’ll just pull it out and see what its like…I love to cook and bake so I’m definitely going to try this again.

  • Sara

    This looks delicious! I don’t have any full fat coconut milk in the house. Could I use almond milk and add a little coconut oil? Do you know if that would work?

    • I am not sure, you could try it. I have only used the coconut milk sorry.

  • Brittany

    I make this every week for myself and my husband. He loves them. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipes.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. x

  • Keirah

    Hi, I just made this – it’s quite yummy. Is it supposed to be quite dense and moist? How could I make it lighter? Thanks xx 🙂

    • It is dense and moist, you could increase the flour which will make it less moist but it will still be dense.

  • gaby

    Hi! Great recipe! How many calories does it have in total or per serving?

  • nrghughes

    Can whites be used in stead of the whole egg?

  • Jessica

    How long should muffins go in for, if I doubled the recipe? Do I still need to cover and continue to bake

    • I am not sure sorry, maybe around 25 minutes. I would suggest checking them from around 20 minutes, I don’t think you will need to cover them.

  • Eve

    I made this and it looks nothing like your beautiful photo. I followed the instructions, but maybe I didn’t bake it long enough? Oh well, it tastes fine. More like a meatloaf than a bread, though 🙂

    • Hi Eve, I am sorry it has not worked well for you. Perhaps increase the cooking time and add a tablespoon extra of flour if you are finding it too moist. Thanks, Bianca

  • Rach

    Is it the skin or the inside to use in this recipe? X

  • betty

    roughly how much juice do you get from 1/2 a lemon. trying to figure out if i sub apple cider vinegar

  • Jordan

    Could canned sweet potato puree be substituted instead? I have some left from the holidays.

  • Guest

    Mine is in the oven and I’m hoping for yet another scrumptious recipe from your site! Quick question regarding the quantity of loaves. I used mini loaf tins the same size as yours but couldn’t fit the mixture in one, so made two (which seemed to fit perfectly – unless they rise too much! ). Is that what you do? Thanks 🙂

    • I put mine in the one tin as this recipe doesn’t really rise much if at all. I hope you were still able to enjoy it. x

  • Kim

    I really loved your recipe for banana bread.. so I’m hoping this one will be just as good! – It was fantastic to have banana bread without any sweetener added. Thank you so much for all of your kind sharing!

    • Thank YOU!!!!! I hope you enjoy the recipe. x

  • BeccyB

    Hi what weight of uncooked sweet potato should I use to get 300g of cooked sweet potato? Can’t wait to try it!

    • I am not sure sorry, I only weighed the cooked flesh. One medium sweet potato should be ample.

    • Rob

      10.58 ounces – so roughly 10 and a half ounces equals 300 grams



    • I roast the potato whole and only use the flesh in the recipe. I have not tried it with potato flour sorry.

  • HummBugg

    Tried this today but mine tasted quite eggy even though I used small eggs! Can tell it would be lovely if I can just get that egg taste away. Could you recommend anything please?

    • Perhaps use less eggs? I think it will still bind perfectly fine. Let me know how you go. x

  • Julie

    I’m confused. Is the flesh the skin of the sweet potato, or the inside? Thanks so much! My SP is roasting now. 🙂

    • Hi Julie, it is the inside, so not the skin all the rest. x



  • jo

    hello, is this condensed coconut milk from a can (the type you would use in a curry) ? or coconut milk from a carton – the drinking type.. if that makes sense?! thanks

  • Jodie

    Every sweet potato is a different size. U would need to weight it

  • Erika Schofield

    Making this for about the 10th time!! How good are the skins with butter, nearly as good as the finished product

    • Agreed!!! I am glad you like the recipe, thank you for the feedback. x

  • Tsherrera

    Would this work in a bread maker? I am looking for grain free
    recipes for my MIL to use with her new bread maker.

  • Josh Gilbert

    How many days will this last outside the fridge verse in the fridge?

    • I store it in the fridge Josh, it wont last long outside of the fridge.

  • Jay

    Can you slice and freeze the bread?

  • Amanda

    Hello, bread sounds amazing. I’m allergic to eggs so Wondering if you can substitute them.

    • I have only made it this way sorry Amanda. However, I thought you might like this link to our egg free recipes https://wholefoodsimply.com/category/egg-free-2/

    • Dutchie

      I suspect the eggs are as a binder in the recipe? I’ve seen recipes where people substitute eggs for gelatin powder. I have no idea if that owuld work for this recipe and the amount.

  • Tegan Garwell

    Can I double the recipe to use a larger loaf tin? If so, do I also double the cooking time?

    • You can try it. I haven’t done this. You can also make it as muffins if that helps at all. I know many people have done that with success. x

  • Ziggy Star

    Wasn’t sure what to expect as I have made a few sweet potato breads but with the orange kind & almond meal. Really enjoyed this either on its own or really well toasted with some smashed avocado & cracked black pepper. Didn’t last long enough to experiment with other toppings !!
    Thanks Bianca, your recipes are always winners xx

    • That is great to hear Belinda!!! It looks divine!! Thank YOU!!! I am glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the feedback, be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • Kaci

    Looking forward to trying this recipe as I recently embarked on a grain free lifestyle. Question: my lemons are huge! Can you give me a sense either in TBS or OZ how much you are using when you call for the juice of half a lemon? Thanks!

    • If they are huge I would just use half. I hope you enjoy the recipe. x

      • Kaci

        I love this recipe. I’ve also made them as sweet potato dinner rolls using raw grated sweet potato instead of cooked. Because of the raw sweet potato the consistency of the dough is different and I’m able to ball and roll them and bake them on a baking tray. That was a happy accident because I was too lazy to wait for the sweet potato to cook one day. YUMMY. Adding a little ground flax or chia gives me that whole grain taste I love too.

  • Lalita

    Hi, this looks amazing! I’m allergic to eggs though – what could I use instead ?? Thanks 🙂

  • Tristan

    Can I just confirm that this is baked for 60mins total?

  • Iris

    I made this today and love it. Do you have an estimate on the nutrition facts for the loaf, or for one slice?

    • Hi Iris, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it! I really appreciate the feedback! I do not have any nutritional breakdowns sorry. x

  • Juliana To

    do i really need the coconut milk or i can make without it ?

    • It may be a little dry or crumbly with out. Could you use 1 heaped tablespoon of nut butter or butter perhaps?

  • Megan

    Just made this and I LOVE IT. The loaf probably wont make it until tomorrow, I was hesitant at first because the “batter” didn’t look very promising and was hard to blend in my vitamix, but once it was baked and I had a taste it was delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

    • That is great to hear Megan, Thank YOU! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed it. x

  • Donna

    Hi! I’m excited to try this but wondering if I could substitute almond milk for the coconut milk? Or is this recipe calling for the thicker canned full fat coconut milk? Thanks for your time and sharing your talents! 🙂

    • Hi Donna, you could certainly try it but yes, it is the canned coconut milk that I use.

  • mp

    I have this is the oven now. I made a few changes. I used canned pumpkin instead of Sweet Potato and Coconut Milk from a carton.

  • Dutchie

    Nice recipe….would it also work to substitute the coconutmilk for milk kefir?

    • Thank you. I have only made it this way sorry.

  • Natalia Ferroli

    I made this for my 9 month old son as his first taste of bread! He just loves it, and so do I! Will have to make it again so I get some for myself, lol 🙂 Thank you Bianca.

    • Thank YOU!!!! I love this pic and I really appreciate your feedback. I am glad the recipes has been enjoyed, I hope you find many more that you like, be sure to let me know. x

  • Mgnta

    I want to make something like this for my mother but she can’t eat coconut or lemon. So, I was wondering, what is the role of the lemon in this recipe? Could I substitute with vinegar? For flour I was thinking of using cassava flour. Don’t know about the milk. She doesn’t eat dairy either. Any advice?

    • You can sub the lemon for the vinegar. I am not much help with the rest sorry, I think it will just be a matter of experimenting. All the best with it!

    • Deb Robo

      Coconut flour is quite different from other flours and doesn’t swap out or alternate without a lot of adjusting. One of the reasons is because it’s very absorbent. You may need to search for another recipe that uses another type of flour. I think there are a few similar recipes using almond flour 😉

  • christina

    Omg… I just made this bread, it’s in the oven now! I made a few changes, Braggs apple cider vinegar instead of lemon and instead of the coconut milk, I used almond milk and a Tbls. Of coconut oil. It smells amazing… the batter was beautiful and tasted so good, I know this will be a staple in my grain, legume and dairy free diet…
    Thank you!

  • Kiana

    Love your recipes! Do you think this recipe would work out if i doubled it and baked it in a standard sized loaf tin? I do not have a smaller one.

    • I am not sure but you can double it and make it in a muffin tin if that helps.

  • Diana

    Hi Bianca,
    I made this today with pumpkin puree because is what I had in the freezer and used soy cream instead of coconut milk (didn’t have coconut milk either). It turned out delish. My tin is bigger but I am delighted with the result.

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  • Suzan Frank

    This bread has grown on me. Have you tried it with banana instead of yams?

    • I haven’t, I typically just make our banana bread, but I think it would be lovely x

  • Manon Wilkins

    i bought coconut milk in the box, is it the same as in the can?

    • I don’t think so.

    • Deb Robo

      this sounds like coconut cream perhaps? which is fine. I would try mixing 2 tbsp of water with 1 tbsp of the coconut cream.

      • I am not sure, I have only used the one in the tin sorry. x

  • Jessica

    I made this today and it’s delicious! I made some slight variations, adding vanilla essence, cinnamon and hint of stevia – sooo yummy! I used an orange potato and went for a ‘sweeter’ type. I think next time I will double the recipe or even use a combination of both. The only downside is that now I want to eat it all, haha!

  • Manon Wilkins

    mine came out really wet

  • Chris Rybacki

    I made this and it is very good!

  • Deb Robo

    Have you experimented with freezing this loaf at all and how did that go? Also I was wondering what the measurements for a normal, standard sized loaf pan would be?

    • Hi Deb, I haven’t made it in a standard sized tin but have frozen it without any problems. I hope this helps.

  • Shanae Osborn

    How many sweet potatoes or cups of sweet potatoes is equal to 300 grams? Sounds yummy and looking for a Paleo-friendly bread for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks in advance for your help!

    • I don’t know sorry, you are asking for the raw weight? I am not much help with that one. I only weighed the cooked potato…

      • Dave Branch

        an ounce is 28 grams, say 30, so 10-11 ounces would be @300 grams (thanks cannabis!)

  • Julia French

    Bianca, How much is 300 grams of Sweet Potato? 1 Cup, 2 Cups?? Would you let us know? Someone else asked 12 days ago and I don’t see a response, yet and I’m eager to try this!

    • HI Julia, I am sorry I may have missed the previous message or not got to it yet. I am a bit behind at the moment as I am flat out with all things mum. It is around 1 cup, maybe 1 rounded cup. I hope this helps. x

      • Julia French

        Thank you!

  • Julia French

    Another question – would you triple the recipe for a full loaf pan?

    • I am not sure how that would go but you can double the recipe and use a muffin tray if this helps?

      • ShashiDoc

        Thanks – that does help!

  • maria

    Is it possible to use potato flour instead of coconut?

  • Annie

    Hi Bianca,
    I’m doing this weight loss competition that has put me on a paleo diet, aka no grains, legumes, dairy, or sweeteners of any kind. Unfortunately one of my favorite things to eat is bread. More specifically English muffins, but that’s not the point.
    Anyways, in my frantic search to find something bread like before stuffing my face with bunny bread, I stumbled across your recipe. I’m currently making it now, but I have to say that you are a god send with this recipe. Now I did substitute some things, like pumpkin for sweet potato, ground golden flax seed for coconut flour and orange for lemon, but I have to say that if this “bread” tastes anything like it smells, it will be awesome. Thanks so much for the recipe.
    P.S. I also added some ground cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon to give it kind of a pumpkin pie taste too.

    • I hope you enjoy it and good luck with the comp. x

  • Jen

    Annie, I was wondering how the bread turned out with the modifications. Did you use 1/2 cup of ground flaxseed to replace the coconut flour? Thanks.

  • Stevie

    what do you mean by sweet potato flesh? do you use the whole sweet potato?

  • Michelle Ho

    The taste is fabulous! Like some other commenters I used apple cider vinegar instead of lemon juice. I also separated the egg whites from the yolks and mixed the yolks with the other ingredients to form the batter. I then whipped the egg whites to soft peaks and folded them into the batter to see if it would give more airyness to the bread (this step was inspired from another coconut flour bread recipe I found on a different website). I think it turned out well!

    • Perfect!!! Thank YOU so much! I am glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate the feedback. x

  • Polly

    Are you using 15 or 20 ml Tablespoons? Looks interesting and I’m looking forward to trying this recipe.

  • debbie

    can i use cassava flour instead of coconut flour? the cassava flour is gluten free.

    • You could try it. It isn’t something I have tested. x

  • Monty

    This recipe looks amazing, but I need to substitute the eggs for something else since I am vegan. I was thinking I’d try either ground flax seed or apple sauce. Has anyone made this vegan before? Any suggestions for what I should use?

  • Jenni

    can you make a vegan version

    • I haven’t but I can put it on my to-do list. x

      • Rainne

        A vegan version would be terrific!

  • Brenda Funnysalserita Lamberty

    Hello Bianca so I tried the recipe the way you have it now and it came out not too moist or too dry, it’s almost hard to swallow sticks to your throat. The taste is delicious though. Anything you can tell me about the texture that I could make better? I noticed in some of the old comments people talked about using coconut milk and lemon?

    • You can use coconut milk in place of the yoghurt. Let me know if that helps. x

  • Rebecca Borden Alca

    I don’t see lemon juice in the recipe above. Am I missing something?

    • No I updated the recipe and omitted the lemon juice x

  • Rachel C

    Any recommendations for substituting coconut flour for chickpea flour?

  • Alexandra Lloyd

    This bread tasted delicious but for some reason mine sunk in the middle and was a bit dense. Any idea why that happened so I don’t do it again when I make this recipe? x

  • Elle

    can you freeze this bread?

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  • Lee Kelly

    I made the sweet potato bread recipe said a runny batter. Looked twice at the ingredients all added, I ended up adding about a cup of water, still not runny?

  • Debbie Rose Taylor

    What about making these breads in a bread machine? Do you have any recipes for this?

  • Susi

    ….🤔 Very rich bread & so high in cholesterol!

    • SebaKL

      That’s ok, since cholesterol is not a concern. In fact, cholesterol is crucial in hormone production. and people who take cholesterol lowering medication are actually sicker and die faster than those who don’t. Search for “cholesterol no longer a health concern”, and you will find many articles talking about how the US Heart Association knew about the lack of link between cholesterol and health problems for over two decades, but due to ego and other market concerns, that didn’t update their guidelines and kept us away from foods which are in fact very good for us. Eggs, butter etc… By the way, Saturated fat, also good!