Quick and Easy Snickers Smoothie Bowl

Quick and Easy Snickers Smoothie Bowl

Yeah, it’s been hard. And maybe we can go on about the mistakes we have made for the rest of our days or maybe we see all that has come from the brave steps we have taken.

This Christmas for one. We haven’t had a Christmas like that in forever. The kids glowed for days, you laughed and loved and drank and ate and you had fun. I could see it. I could feel it.

It took me a little longer to shake the stress but I’m starting to and I’m happy. I can look forward now and I can see some light.

But back to all that’s come from the choices we made.

We love better. Some days it’s new and it’s fun and to be honest if we can hold onto that, then in my mind every decision we have made has not only been worth it, but it has been right. Because you loving me makes me happy and being happy is what this life game is all about.

And the kiddos, they wouldn’t know their grandparents like they do. They wouldn’t have as much to look forward to or as much of what really matters in their life. Because at the end of the day, family is the best gift we can ever give them.

And I can jump in the car and get out and do something, pretty much anything, any old time.

And I walk here or there, to the shops, or down quiet back roads.

And your mates can pop in and drink your beer and make you laugh.

And most of all, we can make this work because we are a good team you and I.

Quick and Easy Snickers Smoothie Bowl

the smoothie

  • 2 frozen bananas, chopped
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 teaspoons¬†honey*
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter


  • 20 grams melted dark chocolate
  • crushed peanuts
  • maple syrup
  1. Place the smoothie ingredients into your processor and blend until the mixture is smooth. Pour the mixture into a bowl and top as desired.
  2. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

*you can use rice malt syrup if preferred.

notes – peel ripe bananas prior to freezing.

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Quick and Easy Snickers Smoothie Bowl
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