Quick and Easy Salted Caramel Ice Cream

 quick and easy salted caramel ice cream

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

  • 3 frozen bananas, chopped*
  • 2 tablespoons coconut cream
  • 1 tablespoon maple syrup
  • 1 tablespoon almond butter 
  • 1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  1. Place the ingredients into your processor and blend at high speed until the mixture resembles ice cream.
  2. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

*peel ripe bananas prior to freezing.

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Quick and Easy Salted Caramel Ice Cream
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  • Wendywoo

    You ALWAYS give more than you take, but I really, really wish you’d listen to your 70 year old self! We won’t starve without a daily recipe, many bloggers only post once a week. Now go sleep/ crayon etc!
    ps I really don’t get this salted caramel craze…it just seems wrong to me, although the rest of the world disagrees! maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to try it….! xx

    • You can omit the salt, still divine!!! You really should try it but this one is noisy.
      Oh the blogging side is fine, I am always cooking anyhow and have many drafts. It was more my insomnia that was wearing me down – and housework, little worries etc! But I am on top of things now and can slow down! The sun is also shinning which fixes most things! xxx

  • Catherine Noonan

    I love the introductory words. So glad I clicked your link (via Instagram). I make a similar ice cream and it’s just divine. But your words- a wonderful reminder – thank you xx

    • Thank YOU for taking the time to read my words, I really appreciate it and I am glad they resonated with you. Have a great day. Bianca. x

  • Kate

    I just made this and it was sensational! My husband wasn’t convinced and ended up asking for more. So simple, thanks!

  • photographicarcadia

    Hi, I love your site so much, and look forward to trying this out as we come into the hot weather. Do you think that honey would work in place of the maple syrup? Friends with bees keep us well supplied with honey, and the budget’s a bit tight for maple syrup at the moment 🙂 Thank you all the wonderful recipes and friendly wisdom you share xx

    • Thank YOU! I am glad you like my little space! Yes, using honey will be delicious! I hope you enjoy it. x

      • photographicarcadia

        Fantastic, thank you so much. I look forward to making it 🙂

  • Cam

    This was wonderful, thank you. Both my partner and 2.5 yo wanted more 🙂

    • Great to hear Cam!! Thank YOU for the feedback. I am glad it was enjoyed. x

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  • Valeska Espinosa

    I made this with tahini and honey instead of the nut butter and maple syrup (because I’m addicted to tahini), I sprinkled with crushed cashews for crunch, so yum. Thanks for yet another delicious recipe.

    • Thank YOU! How perfect!! I too am addicted to hulled tahini! One of my all time favourites. x

  • Natalie

    My husband says to me tonight “im going to the shops to buy icecream”, i said “let me make this ice cream out of bananas”, he was less than impressed, but i did it anyway. His reaction to trying it “not to shabby, this is one of the best desserts you have made”. It was soooo yummy i may just buy my fruit shop out af all their bananas so i can make it all the time

    • Fabulous!!!! That is great to hear!!! I am glad it has been enjoyed and I really appreciate the feedback. Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • Ludia Booth

    Ok, what is coconut cream to you? Thnx!

    • The one I use is in a tin, does that help?

      • Ludia Booth

        Thank you! I presume you mean the thick creamy top from the can of coconut milk? That’ll work right? Thanks!!

        • Just mix it up or use any part in this recipe, it doesn’t need to be the solid component.

      • Ludia Booth

        Thank you!

  • StephM

    This was delicious….I added 2 tableapoons on raw cacao and it was superb!