Quick and Easy Nut Free Bliss Balls

Quick and Easy Nut Free Bliss Balls

Quick and Easy Nut Free Bliss Balls

  • 10 medjool dates, seeds removed
  • 1 cup dried apricots
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1 tablespoon coconut cream
  • 1 tablespoonย cocoa or cacao
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt
  1. Place the ingredients into your processor and blend until they are well combined and resemble a fine, sticky crumb. Use your hands to press and shape the mixture into balls. Place the balls into the fridge to set.
  2. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.
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Quick and Easy Nut Free Bliss Balls
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  • Hey Bianca, nice looking site and I really love this recipe too. Yummers. Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bianca

      Thank you Robyn, I really appreciate you checking in and having a look. I’m glad you like it.

  • Mel Mc7y

    Sounds delish, and not too naughty. Keep the wholefood recipes coming! (especially if they’re kid friendly) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bianca

      Hi Mel,
      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like the recipes. I have a couple of my kids favorites coming up this week, I hope you and your family enjoy them as much as we do, please let me know. Never hesitate to post suggestions on my facebook page (wholefood simply) or any comments here on the blog.
      Many thanks, Bianca

  • Summer

    What could u use in place of rolled oats and tahini?

    • bianca

      Hi Summer,
      I will be posting a treats recipe soon that will not use tahini or rolled oats. Keep an eye out for it. You could try puffed rice in this recipe but it is not something I have tested.
      I hope that helps.

  • Kylie

    We just made these and they are super yummy!

    • bianca

      I’m so pleased you like them Kylie. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

  • Amanda

    I struggle with lunch box snack ideas! I’m so happy to have found this B And so are the kids. Thanks a million xxx

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Amanda. I really appreciate your feedback and I’m so pleased you are all enjoying the recipes. Lunchboxes are tricky!

  • lauren Dubos

    these are great for the lunch box! and our girls loved helping to make them

    • bianca

      Thank you Lauren, I really appreciate you checking in. I’m glad you all enjoy them, they are a staple at our house.

  • Mandy

    These look delish and easy… As do all of your recipes! Looking forward to trying some soon. Do you know if these would freeze ok for easy lunchbox filling up when needed? Thanks!

    • bianca

      Thank you for your kind words Mandy. Yes they freeze beautifully, you can eat them only moments after taking them out of the freezer, delicious. They will also keep quite well in the fridge. I hope you enjoy them. Many thanks.

      • Anon Ymious

        thanks xx
        mine turned out great!!!!

  • Sarah

    I LOVE these, as does my 15 month old who has just been trying to eat the mixture straight from the bowl ๐Ÿ™‚ just wondering if you could suggest any alternatives to the dried apricots? (as I can’t find any non sulphur ones). Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bianca

      Hi Sarah, I’m really pleased you and your toddler are enjoying this recipe, my son is much the same age and he loves them. You can use sultanas or raisins in place of the dried apricots. I hope that helps, let me know what you think. Many thanks.

  • Lisa

    Do you think I could make this without the Tahini? Would it still hold together?

    • bianca

      Yes Lisa, I have made them without tahini and it works perfectly, you may just need to blend a little longer. Let me know how you go, I hope you love them.

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  • Jess

    Where can i buy tahini? I’ve searched the supermarket.

    • bianca

      Hi Jess, tahini is readily available at most supermarkets in the health food section, I have lived in some isolated places but have always been able to get it. I would recommended opting for the hulled tahini if both hulled and unhulled are available. I hope this helps. Let me know how you go. Health food shops stock tahini also. Good luck!

      • Jess

        Thanks Bianca I will search again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Renee Young

    I usually use fresh medjool dates but wondering if anyone has tried the packet dates…noticed they are only $2 at l Aldi

    • bianca

      They will work Renee. If you find they are a bit dry you can always soak them in water prior to using. I hope this helps.

  • Peta

    Hi! I noticed a lot of snack recipes, especially for kids, seem to have dates in them, but my 3yr old can’t eat them. Would you have any ideas on a possible substitute? All I can think of is mashed banana, but the consistency wouldn’t be right. I’m so disappointed because it makes it difficult to give him new snack time options.

    • bianca

      Hi Peta, prunes are a perfect substitute. Have you seen the Brownie Bites recipe? It does not contain dates or nuts. The Coconut and Raspberry Mousse, Banana Nut Wrap Up, Berry Banana Bites, Raspberry Pudding, Sultanas Make Everything Great and many of the smoothies might also be worth checking out. I hope that helps. Let me know how you go. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Rebecca Allison

    Hi, can you use saltanas instead of dates?

    • bianca

      Absolutely Rebecca. Let me know how they turn out, I am sure they will be delicious.

  • beck

    We make these but use nuts, came looking for nut free so the kids can take them to school (which is nut free), we add a TSP of cinnamon and will roll in cocoa rather than coconut. I LOVE them frozen…so chewy! The kids call them brownie balls! Love your page!

    • bianca

      Thank you Beck. I am glad you are enjoying them and I really appreciate you taking the time to write! Many thanks, Bianca

  • jo swindells

    I made these using puffed rice instead of oats as my son is a coeliac and they went down a treat! Thanks for this!

    • bianca

      That is fantastic Jo, I am glad you enjoyed them and I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Most of our recipes will be suitable for those with coeliac and we can always come up with a modification if it isn’t gluten free. Your substitute is perfect and I expect it will also help others. Thank you for sharing. Bianca

  • Renee


    What us tahini and whereabouts is it please.

    Thank u I can’t wait to try some of these

    • bianca

      Hi Renee, tahini is available in the health food section of the supermarkets and also in health food stores. It is sesame seeds ground to a paste. I suggest you go with the lighter, hulled version. I hope this helps. I look forward to hearing how you go with the recipes. Many thanks. Bianca

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  • Jody

    Mine didn’t roll into balls very well. Any ideas? What I did wrong or what I can add to help it be a bit more moist?

    • bianca

      Hi Jody, I am unsure why this has happened, I would add either extra dates or extra tahini and perhaps process a little longer. Let me know if that helps. Many thanks. Bianca

  • katie

    Just wondering about the coconut..do we add the 1/4C with the other ingredients in the blender, or do we save it simply for rolling? Can I do both perhaps? Sound delish! Thanks

    • bianca

      Hi Katie, I use the coconut in this recipe to roll the balls in. I hope that helps, I would love to hear how you go with them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Anna Northwood

    I have just made these after looking at them for weeks. They are absolutely delicious. Thank you.

    • bianca

      Thank you Anna, it is lovely of you to write, I am pleased you enjoyed them. be sure to let me know how you go with any other recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Carly

    Just made these and they are fantastic! Didn’t have any apricots in cupboard so just used dates. And did half oats and half coconut. So yummy!

    • bianca

      They sound delicious Carly, enjoy, Bianca

  • Di

    Love your recipes! I’ve just made these yummy balls. I added a little bit of shredded coconut, some Rob’s Berry Boost and a tiny bit of water to bind it together. I have quite a few different recipes for Amazeballs so was happy when I saw yours yesterday with apricots. No delay in making them. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Di, I really appreciate you writing and sending in your fabulous pic! I am glad you like them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Sarah

    Hi, just thought I’d post I tried these by substituting dates for dried figs (as I sometimes feel like I date overdose! Plus read recently that figs are alkaline and can help with depression) and they worked well..not as sweet though. Passed the toddler test too.

  • Vicki O’Neill

    Oh. My. Goodness.! I am a convert! Just made these delicious little babies as a “taster” for my 4yo twins and they LOVE them! So do I! We made them together (they loved rolling the wee balls in the coconut!) Very excited to find your site. It was recommended by a fellow “Multiple Mummy” from our local Multiple Birth Association. Thank you so much for making wholefoods simple for a newbie like me. I’m off to check out what else we can make for Kindy lunchboxes… Cheers, Vxx

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Vicki, I am glad you liked them. It is lovely of you to take the time to write! Many thanks, Bianca

  • tova

    hi there
    how many bliss balls does this recipe make? and how fine does it need to be processed? thanks

    • bianca

      Hi Tova, I have not counted how many it makes, it will depend how large you roll them. You need to process it until everything comes together. I hope this helps. Thanks, Bianca

    • Di

      I made half the quantity which made 15 balls if you were to use a teaspoon – about a mouthful. A photo of mine is above.

  • Renee

    Hi Bianca
    Do you think I could use rolled quinoa (or quinoa flakes) instead of rolled oats??? I think I have seen them as a substitute for anzac biscuits somewhere. My children are gluten free so oats is out for us. Love your site – just discovered it and am going to get cracking making some of your yummy recipes asap!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Renee, I am glad you like it here. I think your quinoa flakes will work perfectly. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Toni

    We love these and make them every week!

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  • Gail Brown

    cant see how these are called nut free when you have rolled them in coconut a nut allergy is exactly that

    • Roch

      Contrary to it’s name, the coconut is not a ‘nut’ but a seed. It derives from the palm family not the nut tree family (Very distantly related). Coconut allergies are actually rare.

    • Claire

      I have a severe allergy to all nuts, but coconut is absolutely fine. Like Roch said, it is actually a fruit (seed). An allergy to coconut is of course possible, but extremely rare, and is not classified as a ‘nut allergy’ (in Australia).

  • Sarahr

    Hi there, I have made these twice & I love them! This time, I swapped the apricots for dried figs, and I didn’t have any tahini either time so I used coconut oil (i had to up the amount of oil to get the mixture to hold together well, so the substitution ratio isn’t exact). I also majorly upped the cacao (2tbs rather than 2tsp) – they are divine and I’m going to have to hide them from the kids! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Fabulous!!! Thank you! I really appreciate the feedback. x

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  • Bree

    How much coconut oil did you need? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bree if they are not coming together I would add 1 -2 tablespoons of coconut cream. I hope this helps.

  • Lisa

    These looks great, any suggestion for a substitute for 1 tablespoon hulled tahini or coconut cream, allergy to Sesame and Coconut ?

    • You could just use water, it is only to help it bind. I hope you enjoy them. x

  • Sandra Parmenter

    I made the Nut Free Bliss Balls for our Mothers Group Xmas Party as well as the Chocolate Spiders. They were a great hit and the mothers loved knowing that they were healthier with the cacao powder. Since then I have found out the many health benefits of cacao powder and will be making many more of your recipes. Wish I had of started making these sorts of easy treats when my daughter was born as now she is just over 2 and a half she has a sweet tooth (for processed foods and chocolates) so I am trying to encourage her away from them with these as substitutes. Now pregnant with my son I am hoping to keep him on a healthier path.

    • Thank YOU! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad the recipes have been enjoyed!
      It sounds like you are doing great, my little girl is still very young. I hope the pregnancy is going well. Bianca. x

  • Samara

    How absolutely delicious! I made these for my 10 month old and she loves them!

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