Not Quite Nutella

Not Quite Nutella

Not Quite Nutella

  • 2 tablespoons cacao or cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter*
  • 1 rounded tablespoon honey**
  1. Place the ingredients into a bowl in the order listed above. Use a small spoon to mix the ingredients until they are well combined and looking delicious.
  2. Eat and enjoy!

*to make this nut free sub the peanut butter with hulled tahini and an extra teaspoon of honey.

**you can use rice malt syrup if you prefer.


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Not Quite Nutella
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  • Catherine

    Thank you – so timely I just bought my son some 2 days ago. Perhaps I will create this before opening for him to try instead and this will hopefully keep it from my mouth :p

    • bianca

      Thank you. I am glad you like it. x

  • Liz

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m loving trying your recipes. I assume you mean 1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract.

  • Beasy

    Just made it, took two seconds & is delish! I have never bought Nutella either, but this will become a regular i feel. Thank you.

    • bianca

      Thank you, I am glad you like it. x

  • Emma

    I notice in a lot of your recipes you give the option – cacao or cocoa or carob. Do you have a preference as to which one you usually use?

    • Kelly

      I’m interested in this too…I’ve just made this recipe with homemade tahini, and it’s oK…not great. Wondering if I should have used cacao instead of cocoa?

      • Kelly

        Also, how do I water it down….it’s too thick. Literally just with water, or with more oil?

        • HI Kelly,

          I haven’t had to water ours done, it is much the same consistency as regular nutella. Perhaps try a little macadamia oil????

      • Hi Kelly,

        I don’t think it would be the cocoa, I have made it with both. Did you use hulled tahini?

        Emma I am sorry I somehow missed your message. I don’t have preference, whichever you like and can readily source will be fine.

        • Kelly

          I used homemade Tahini….I think I should try with almond butter….i find the tahini too strong in taste and it overpowers the chocolate flavour.

          • Yes try either almond butter or hulled tahini, I hope you enjoy it.

  • Bianca this is genius. simple, delicious genius I tell you 🙂

    PS -I just nominated you for The Sunshine Award- its a fun way to learn more about you and spread the blog love. If you want to learn more or join in the fun you can get the details on my post

    • bianca

      Hi Emma, thank you so much!!! That is lovely of you!!!! I am completely, crazy, flat out at the moment!! We just released our first book and we have had many ‘learning’ moments this week!!! I am completely thrilled that you have nominated me for the sunshine awards but I know my feet will not touch the ground until well after the crazy season passes!! I am so sorry!!! I feel terrible! Can it be something I attend to next year?? Again, I am sorry!!! Thank you!!! I am glad you like the spread. Bianca. xxxx

  • Rachel

    Great! I have a son (6) who harps on and on at me to buy Nutella, which I won’t, so I was about to go looking for an alternative recipe. It has passed the test with another son (4) so hopefully it will be a hit! Thanks!

    • bianca

      Fabulous, thank you!! I hope your older son enjoys it. Bianca. x

  • I am just always in awe of the simplicity of your recipes! This looks yummo!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Robyn!! It is so lovely having your support!! I really appreciate it! I hope everything is going well for you and that you enjoy the recipe. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Tamara

    Hi Bianca, I have also never bought Nutella, but my kids have had it at friends houses. I made this for breakfast with pancakes (a dairy and egg free recipe) this morning and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it again! (For me, if not the kids!!!) Yummo!! Thanks!

  • Danielle

    OMG!!! I was sceptical about this recipe because I LOVE Nutella but it it amazing. Perfect when you need a chocolate hit, straight off the spoon. Yum!

  • Shanan Birtcher Anderson

    Ah this post brings tears to my eyes.. my mama lives in America and I’m down here in Tassie. It’s been over a year since I’ve been with her and the longest I’ve gone without seeing her is 4 yrs and who knows when I will see her again.

    • Oh Shanan that is very difficult! I cannot even imagine! I hope you see her soon. x

      • Shanan Birtcher Anderson

        Thank you. Me too, nothing like having mom around.

  • Amanda

    I just made this as I needed a chocolate hit and a recipe that doesn’t need a blender (mine is in the post!!)…it is so delicious!! I dunked strawberries in it and it was the best. Thank you! X

    • Thanks Amanda. I am glad you like it! Be sure to let me know how you go with your blender. xx

  • Kerri

    Hi Bianca. Tonight I made this with almond spread instead of tahini as we are not tahini fans in our house. I can’t tell you how absolutely delicious it is. I am addicted, I made 2 batches that was totally not enough for the 6 of us & my 3 year old couldn’t get enough. Even my husband who I am so very gradually converting from refined sugar & into wholefoods loved it & said it beats shop nutella any day!!! Unfortunately though my boys are in a nut free school & nut free preschool. Do you have any nut free recommendations besides tahini? Google has not been any help but I considered linseed meal or sunflower seeds ground up in the blender? Would that work the same way as a spread? I guess I can only try it! Anyway thanks to your recipes, I have converted to wholefoods rather quickly & easily & thoroughly enjoying my wholefoods lifestyle x

    • Kerri

      Well guess what!! I found out I can buy sunflower seed butter. Who knew! Probably lots of people but now I know, I’m going to buy some & see how that goes as a nut free version 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes!

      • Guest

        I made it with pepita spread because I couldn’t get any sunflower spread. It was just as delicious & now the boys can take it to school. Yay!

      • Thank you. I would love to hear how you go with the sunflower seed butter, I am yet to try it. x

        • Lady Godiva

          I love this site and read comments when I get time (er, 2 years late in this case, ha ha!)… Just wanted to say, thank you for referencing sunflower seed butter: made me look it up and now I have found easy sources of seed as well as nut butters which makes life a little easier at times, as well as scrummy! Thank you for that as well as all your fabulous recipes, Bianca! x

    • Thank you. Yes we love it with almond butter too but face the same school problem, thankfully we are tahini mad. Was it the hulled tahini that you tried? I ask because hulled tahini is one of my favourite foods but unhulled I do not especially enjoy. You can get pepita spread a the supermarket, in the health food section and you could try using this in place of tahini. It is made from pumpkin seeds. Some shops also stock sunflower seed butter but I have not seen or tried this. I hope that helps and thank you for the feedback. Bianca

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  • Kylie

    Hey Bianca,
    I just tried this after umming and ar-ing over it for a bit… silly move. Oh boy this was so good!
    Really great for that “quick fix” I need at night. Jam packed with good nutrients for your body!
    Will be making this over and over from now on. Thanks!

    • Thank you!!! I am glad you tried it and liked it, I really love this one too but I am somewhat addicted to hulled tahini 🙂

  • Kaisha

    OMG! I just made this and wow, how delicious!!! Your recipes are to die for!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much!!! That is lovely of you! I really appreciate it!


  • Penny

    Bianca! Thank you for this recipe and your whole website! I have recently been diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis so have been forced to change my lifestyle to gluten/grain/dairy/refined sugar free and what I thought was going to be fun free. You are my go to when i want to find something fun to cook that both me and my boyfriend can eat. He is going to flip out when he finds out i’ve made a batch of this…. that is if there is any left! Thank you for making such a huge change in my life a LOT easier.

    • Thank you so much!!! I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnoses, I hope the diet helps with your symptoms and that you are feeling well. I am so pleased you like the site, it was lovely of you to write. Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. Thanks again, Bianca

  • Carly

    We made this again today but slightly varied… Added in a heaped tbs peanut butter, only half the honey, and watered down slightly so we could use it as a sauce drizzled on our pancakes. Fantastic! Love that my little boy thinks its delicious and that he’s getting a naughty treat…(he thinks this about all your recipes we’ve made so far).

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  • Wendy Woo

    Hi Bianca! xx I’ve made this twice now, once as a half quantity recipe with carob- it was so scrummy I ate the whole lot instead of my planned boiled egg and cottage cheese savoury tea, and the second time with peanut butter, for a Birthday gift for my carer who doesn’t like tahini. ( I know, how peculiar!) It was very, very thick, and I was just about to slug in some orange juice, when I had a “Eureka !” moment. I rolled the mixture into balls, dropped each one into a little deep cup of dessicated coconut ( so much tidier and easier than on a saucer), popped them into pretty paper cases and into a box tied up with a ribbon. They looked lovely, and they tasted FABULOUS! Maybe you could add that option to your recipe? They look pretty similar to your other “ball” pictures, but take moments to make, and no noisy machinery involved (I’m incredibly sensitive to noise, and can’t be within hearing of a kettle/ mixer/ microwave etc,).
    Thinking of you, and sending you a gentle hug all the way from England.xx

    • It is a perfect idea and I will be sure to turn it into a post. It is also the topping we use on the peanut butter slice 🙂 You do so well to recreate so many of the recipes without the noisy appliances. Thanks for sharing. xx

  • Rach_the_vego

    I do a version using canelli beans, dates, cocoa and vanilla….I thin it down for dipping fruit slices in or leave it thick for sandwiches for school.

  • Gabrielle

    Holy **** Bianca I just whipped this up in the 10 seconds it takes, and all I can say is AMAZING! Such a quick easy topping for fruit, pancakes, muffins. Good work!

    • Fabulous!!! Thank you for writing, I am glad you have enjoyed it. x

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  • Nomie

    Hmm my hubby pointed out this doesn’t have nuts in it so in our house it is now dubbed “Seedella!” I’m going to make it tomorrow morning 🙂

  • sarah

    Yummy!! Just had my two little monkeys lick the bowl clean…such awesome recipes on your blog!

  • Sad

    Your poor kids 🙁

  • Astrid

    Hi Bianca, I love your page and your recipes look all so yummy! Yesterday I had a first go on the Nutella, but unfortunately it didn’t turn out good at all… First, when I mixed the Tahini with the honey, it hardened immediately to the consistency of dough, and I had to water it down significantly with almond milk. Then, it tasted awfully strong of sesame, kind of bitter. To be honest, I don’t know if my Tahini is hulled or unhulled, it doesn’t say on the jar! Does the hulled one have a smoother, less strong taste than the unhulled one, maybe?
    Maybe I will give it another go with almond butter or hazelnut butter, if I will be able to make a batch of it (don’t know whether my food processor will be strong enough).

    • Hi Astrid, I am glad you are (mostly) enjoying the recipes – that is great to hear.
      I think you have used unhulled tahini – and perhaps it is a bit old or has been open a little while? Regardless it is very different with hulled tahini – I don;t like unhulled at all but I love hulled. Using another nut butter will work too. You add a tablespoon of coconut milk if you need to but many people have made this recipe with success so I think you will be fine. x

      • astrid

        Hi Bianca, finally I gave it another try with almond butter and it turned out much better! I still had to water it down a bit with almond milk, but maybe products here (Spain) are a bit different and that’s why it gets this dough-consistency…
        By the way, I also found hulled Tahini, and I still think it tastes a bit bitter. But maybe I’m just not the Tahini type :))

        • Thanks Astrid, I am glad it was better. Yes, the hulled tahini is still bitter but when you mix it with a sweetener it is divine – at least I think so. Perhaps try it with equal parts hulled tahini and honey. I hope this helps. x

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  • Cass

    How long does this keep for in the fridge? Can it be frozen? Thanks

    • I have not tried freezing it but it keeps in the fridge really well. I think a couple of weeks would be fine.

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  • Siglinde

    Just made it, delicious!!! It was a bit thick though but I ‘watered’ it down with a bit of oil from my homemade Tahini. Thanks for the recipe!

    • No worries!! Thank YOU for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it. x

  • Suezee

    Just made the 5 ingredient Mudcake and iced it with the Nutella Icing, wow just the best, husband was in chocolate heaven.

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