Not Quite Muesli

not quite muesli

It is somebody asking “How are you?” because they genuinely want the answer.

It is the surprise phone call from an old friend.

The letter that arrived in the post.

It is the faces that fit snugly into your neck.

It is the children holding hands.

The giggle you hear as you pack the lunches.

It is the nights when he opens the bedroom window to let in the cool breeze.

It is the nights when he turns on my lamp and I realise I have been reading in the dark.

The kiss at the end of the day.

It is your Mother’s embrace, your Father’s pride.

It is the gift you gave that filled someone with joy.

The words you shared that made another smile.

It is love and it is laughter and it is all those little gestures that come from the heart.

It is these very things that make or break the days, that lead to the months, that lead to the years.

So often it is all about the little things.

Not Quite Muesli

  • 1 apple, cored and quartered
  • handful of almonds
  • handful of macadamias
  • handful of pumpkin seeds
  • handful of sunflower seeds
  • handful of desiccated coconut
  • handful of goji berries
  • 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla
  • 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • a few grinds of salt.
  1. Place the ingredients into your food processor. Pulse the mixture until you reach your desired consistency. Be careful not to over blend.
  2. Eat and enjoy!

note – this recipe is versatile so do not hesitate to substitute and leave out ingredients to suit what you have on hand.

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Not Quite Muesli
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  • That does sound good! I’ve been keeping my eye out for a new breakfast option that is gluten free, dairy free and vego. I’ll have to give this a shot!

    Robyn B xx

    • bianca

      Perfect! I hope you love as much as we do, be sure to let me know. Many thanks, Bianca

  • ruby

    This is great! Delicious and very filling.

    • bianca

      I am very pleased that you like! You did well to whip it up so quickly. Thank you for taking the time to write, I really appreciate it.

  • elise

    cannot wait to try this- what a good idea!! thank you for sharing.

    • bianca

      Thank you Elise, be sure to let me know what you think, we absolutely love it! Bianca

  • My son and I had this for breakfast this morning. To say it was delicious would be an understatement!! YUMMY!! Thanks for sharing!

    • bianca

      Thank you Alison! I am glad it has been well received at your place, it is one of our favourite breakfasts and also makes a great snack. I really appreciate you taking the time to write in, thanks again, Bianca

  • Liz

    How long can this be kept in the fridge once made or do you suggest just making it to serve?

    • bianca

      Hi Liz, I really think that it is nicest made and eaten straight away, however we have had it the next day and it was still nice. You could also omit the apple if you wanted to store it for a few days and then simply add some apple, or berries, or banana, or raisins, when you are wanting to eat it. I hope that helps. Bianca

  • Skye

    Thanks for the recipe. Trying to get the whole family off the sugar and junk and onto whole food. This is a winner. Would love more snack ideas that are quick to make and easy to store.

    • bianca

      Hi Skye, thank you so much for your lovely message, I am delighted that you enjoyed the muesli and that you are embracing a wholefoods diet. It can be a daunting change, I hope your family is adjusting well. Our site is loaded with quick and easy snacks, most of which keep really well because they can be eaten straight from the freezer. The apricot bites, brownie bites and nut free bliss will keep well for long periods of time and also travel well, no coconut oil so no worries about them melting. The cakes are great made into muffins and can also be frozen, I tend to leave off the frosting if I am freezing them or packing them for school lunches. I hope this helps, let me know if I am on the right track. Thanks Skye. Bianca

  • kathy

    made this today….loved it, thank you!

    • bianca

      Thank you Kathy, I am delighted that you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Thank you. Bianca

  • Karen

    I’ve been looking for something quick and tasty that isn’t eggs and still full if taste and protein.. I am definitely glad I found this.. I’ll make it for breakfast tomorrow morning & let you know how I go.. thanks 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you Karen! I look forward to hearing what you think. Bianca

  • Kelly

    This looks so good!.

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  • amie

    This was delicious!! Thank you for sharing your recipes and ideas, I am new to the blog and love going through the recipe index and reading your posts!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Amie!! That is lovely to hear. I really appreciate you taking the time to write and give your feed back. I am delighted that you and your family are enjoying the recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Linda

    I absolutely love the first paragraph! I have read it over and over. 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you Linda, I am glad it resonated with you. It is lovely to hear you have read the post, I always think people jump straight to the recipes, no-one has much time these days. I really appreciate you writing. Have a great day. Bianca

  • Holly

    Hello, great recipe!! I have a question when you say 1/4 teaspoon if vanilla what is that, protein powder, vanilla essence and the same with the coconut, sorry! I’m not much of a cook so have to follow recipes down to a tear otherwise I ruin them 🙁

    If I was to make a batch of this minus the apple how long donyounthink it would last??
    Thank so much 🙂

    • bianca

      Hi Holly, thanks for writing. With the vanilla either vanilla essence, vanilla extract or dried vanilla powder will work. The coconut is desiccated coconut which I think is finely shredded dried coconut outside of Australia. If you leave out the apple the recipe will last quite a while, I would be fine with a week as long as it was stored in the fridge. If you also omit the vanilla I would keep it much longer. Does that help? Many thanks, Bianca

  • Melissa

    I am relatively new to your site, but I enjoy reading the different recipes and ideas. I have been having this for breakfast every day this week. I admit I was sceptical at first as I thought it wouldn’t fill me up, but I have been so surprised. It is so filling, and leaves me in a good place for a long time. I actually have been putting some (organic) yoghurt on top as I like the texture better, but that it the only change I have made. Thank you. It gives me confidence to try some more of your recipes.

    • bianca

      Thank you Melissa, I am glad you like it. Bianca

  • This was amazing! I used slightly different ingredients as I am due for a shop – but I can tell you it works well with kiwifruit, pecans, goji berries, coconut and chia seeds. And so filling, I didn’t need to eat again until lunchtime which is rare for me.

    • bianca

      Thank you Leah, that sounds fabulous! I am glad you enjoyed it and I really appreciate you writing! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Amanda Friend

    My daughter is such a hard nut to crack with the wholefoods diet 🙁 We have also recently had bio compatibility testing done which confirmed my suspicions that cows milk is a no go !! So we are converting a 3.5 year old stubborn toddler to drinking something else…. She is hesitant to try anything I make. Its hard when family still feed her whatever so the taste and addiction never leaves. I am hoping with the results for the biocompaibility testing they have a bit more “medical” proof that wholefoods is better for her!! So even though she will still have some things we avoid at home (white sugar/flour) they will be homemade and not full of artificial cr@p!
    I love your site and it inspires me everyday 🙂 I am glad you have found a place of acceptance as currently I feel so stressed and like I am battling a society who thinks its all a big gimic.

    • bianca

      Hi Amanda, you sound like you are doing a tremendous job, do not be deflated. It is very hard initially but it will not always be that way. Be easy on yourself. Have you tried your daughter with any of the smoothies? My children drink these daily, it might help with the transition period. I wish you well, again, be proud of how far you have come. Bianca

      • Amanda Friend

        Thank you. I havent tried any of the smoothies on your site, but I have tried her with them in the past. She used to like them, and then I tried a couple a bit too healthy and now she wont even try them *sigh*. I might give them another go. xx

  • Amanda Friend

    PS – how much does this serve?

    • bianca

      Hi Amanda, serving sizes are different for everyone but I would say it makes 2 very generous serves or four children serves. I hope that helps. Bianca

      • Amanda Friend

        Great, thanks! I will give it a go!

  • Sarah

    Hi there,

    I am new to your website and have spent the last week or so gathering ingredients to start making some of your yummies – I think they might just help me and my family embrace the wholefoods lifestyle! I also need to revolutionise what we eat for breakfast and I love the sound of this. I just wondered – do you use dried goji berries? Or organic fresh ones?

    Thanks so much for publishing all these recipes!


  • Effie

    You’re amazing! Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for something like this for my son and I for a while. Keep up the wonderful work.

    • bianca

      Thank you so much, I hope you like it. Bianca

  • Kellie

    Can you do this with a fruit other than apple? Sadly apple doesn’t agree with me! Thinking maybe pear?

    • bianca

      Yes Kellie, absolutely, if y=using pear I would blend up all of the dry ingredients and chop the pear by hand and add it when you serve it. Does that make sense? You can add whatever fresh or dried fruits you like. Be sure to let me know what you think. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Shaz

    Quite possibly one of the most tastiest “cereal type” breakfasts I’ve ever eaten…simple delish!

    • bianca

      Thank you, I am glad you like it. Bianca

  • Liz

    So delicious and versatile. I made this without the nuts and it was awesome. So good to have a fresh, filling gf breakfast. I think there will be many variations of this breakfast in our house from now on.

    • bianca

      Thank you Liz, be sure to let me know what you come up with. Enjoy, Bianca

  • Becci

    Sorry to ask a silly question but do you add milk still? And can it be made in a thermo? Thank you

    • bianca

      Hi Becci, it can be made in the thermomix, we do not add milk but you can if you want to. Many people add yoghurt to it. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Justine

    I made this for breakfast this morning. Loved it, even my 19month old couldnt get enough. This will certainly become a regular for my breakfasts. 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you so much for writing Justine! I am rapt that you and your daughter have enjoyed it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Anita

    Hi Bianca, I just discovered your blog about a week ago and I am so loving your recipes. Generally I’m someone who looks through lots of recipes but doesn’t necessarily make them. This muesli is the third thing I’ve made, and it was so good! I also had it with some unsweetened yoghurt. I have tried to give up dairy but I just can’t seem to do so. Your banana bread and chocolate macadamia fudge is also amazing. I’m in NZ so I like that your ingredients are things I can easily get, not like many US recipes. I look forward to trying more!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write Anita, I really appreciate it. I am rapt that you are enjoying our recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Anita

        In regards to dairy, are you lactose intolerant? Do you feel any different if you have it or not? I don’t seem to notice any difference, but apparently I ‘should’ as I have Hashimotos. But I don’t notice any difference if I have it or not, I just find it too hard to give up.

        • bianca

          Hi Anita, I do not call myself lactose intolerant, I am just someone who doesn’t consume much dairy. I do notice that I don’t feel great when I have dairy, my kids on the other hand can have it without any obvious problems. I guess it is different for everyone. I hope that helps, Bianca

  • This sounds so good! I need to try this as soon as I can. I’m enjoying your writing and I love your recipes 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Marianne, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I am glad you are enjoying the site. I hope you like the muesli. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Christina

    Oh I love this so much 🙂 Since you first posted this I’ve had it every morning for breakfast – I just love it so much 🙂

    I love my vanilla bean yoghurt so I’ve been adding that to my better than muesli as well as some chia seeds and strawberries. I am pretty active and I love that this breakfast is not only very yummy but it keeps me going for hrs 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Christina!! I really appreciate you kind words and your pic! It is lovely of you to take the time to write! I am really pleased that you are enjoying the recipe. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Anita

    Good morning, do you have suggestions for an apple substitute? I’m fructose intolerant so unfortunately unable to eat apples. The receipe looks great otherwise and I can’t wait to hopefully try it 🙂 Anita

    • bianca

      Hi Anita, I think this is lovely even without the apples and toped with a little coconut yoghurt. Does that help at all?

  • This muesli is absoloutley DELICIOUS!!!! & super fast & simple to make! THANK YOU!!!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Kylie, it is lovely of you to take the time to write. I am glad you have enjoyed it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Louise

    Finally made this muesli, so delicious x

  • Carrie

    Hi Bianca,

    I’ve only just found your website and I’m loving it. I just made the Better Than Muesli and I love it. I put it in some homemade plain yogurt and it was delicious! Thanks, and can’t wait to create more of your recipes!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Carrie, I am glad you liked it. Bianca

  • Anna

    This looks amaze will be trying this out for sure. Thanks for the time you take to post these recipes and stories. It makes life so much easier for the rest of us 🙂

    • bianca

      That is lovely, thank you Anna, I hope you enjoy the muesli.

  • Yolanda

    Hi Bianca
    Any ideas on whether this could be made into (better than) muesli bars? I spend looooads of cash on them for my children as I refuse to buy the sugary cheapy ones…
    Thank you in advance, keep up the good work,

    • bianca

      Yes I think it could be, I need to get some muesli bar recipes up on the site! Thanks, Bianca

  • Yolanda

    So funny, my prior post just came up as posted on 30th October at 10.36 AM, but of course, where I live, it is still 29th October 23.36. It’s like travelling to the future – I bet you didn’t realise your blog includes a time machine, haha!

  • Emma

    All I can say is WOW!! This is a lot better than any dry old muesli I’ve had in the past 🙂 I omitted the apple so it would last an extra few days and served it with a big dollop of yoghurt and grated apple yesterday, and yoghurt and a handful of blueberries today, and both are equally as delicious. I used sultanas instead of goji berries because I didn’t have any. I will get some for next time. Thanks for the recipe Bianca!

  • Judith

    I discovered this recipe was a great vehicle for some leftovers of your caramel topping … so this morning I had to make more caramel topping especially!

  • I made this for the first time this morning and it’s amazing! I didn’t have sunflower seeds, so I threw in about a tablespoon of cacao nibs. So good! Thank you 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you. I am glad you liked it. xx

  • Renae

    OMG this is gorgeous. Just made it, simply divine way to start the day.

    • bianca

      Thank you. I am glad you like it. x

  • p

    Hi there. This sounds good. Just wondering about the lectins in nuts and seeds. Do you soak? Ta heaps

    • bianca

      Completely up to. You can use activated nuts if you like to. I hope you enjoy it. Bianca

  • Amber

    Have to tell you that this has become my favourite breakfast!! Perfect with a dollop of yoghurt and fills me up til lunchtime! Thank you!

    • bianca

      Thank you Amber, I am glad you like it. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Belinda Canteri

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been trying to dramatically cut down on carbs and eat clean. The one thing I really struggled to give up was my morning muslei. I am SO excited to try this recipe tomorrow morning. I am also completely in love with your lemon slice. Have your ears been burning? Because I’ve been talking about you non stop. : )

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Belinda!!! You r message is lovely!! I hope you enjoy the muesli as much as you have the lemon slice. Thank you so much for your support. I really appreciate it. Bianca

  • Pat Townsend

    I made this recipe yesterday and must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Keeps you full and plenty of energy. Thank YOU very much. Also have used a few of your other recipes which have been great. Cheers Pat.

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Pat! I am glad you enjoyed it!! I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Nicole

    Delicious! It is such a delicious combination of ingredients and tastes so light and so very filling, this will certainly be a regular breakfast for me! Thanks Bianca

    • bianca

      Thank you Nicole! I really appreciate the feedback. I am glad you like it. Bianca

  • Fiona

    Thanks for this I was feeling a bit tired this morning and gave me heaps of energy to attach my spin class. I added some chia seeds too delicious thank you love trying your recipes

    • bianca

      Thank you Fiona. I really appreciate the feedback. I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. Bianca

  • Nancy Malek

    HI Bianca,
    Love your recipes and little life vignettes – keep ’em coming!
    Just wondering if you add any liquid to this when you eat it (ie. coconut milk) or yoghurt. Goji berries are not terribly common here, but I figure any berry will do!

    • bianca

      Hi Nancy, you can have it with milk or yoghurt if you want to but we often eat it exactly as it is. I hope you enjoy it either way. If you do not have goji berries I would use another dried fruit such as raisins or finely chopped dates or dried apricots. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Jade

    I’m going to try this one during the week. I was wondering how long it can be stored for without changing the texture etc?

    • Hi Jade, if you leave out the apple it will keep quite well, then you can just add fruit when you serve it. With the apple it is best eaten in 24 hours. I hope you like it. Bianca

  • Chels

    Love, love this muesli! Perfect for before work to keep me full till lunch time. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Fleur

    One of those ‘even my fussy 4-year-old- ate it’ moments 🙂 Thanks for another great recipe Bianca.

  • I’ll definitely be giving this one a go! Love muesli but all the store bought ones have too much sugar for me x

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  • Jules99

    I just prepared that muesli… I´m really looking forward to start the week with it 🙂 Greetings from Germany

  • Donna

    Got your books recently. This has to be one of our favourite recipes. Either for breakfast or for a snack. Didn’t have the goji berries so used a small amount of dried cranberries. Awesome! Thanks.

    • Fabulous!!! Thank you for the feedback. I hope you are enjoying the books. xx

  • Dale

    So I’ve made this a thousand times as the recipe says and in a pinch I have used a pear as we have a chronic apple-atarian in the house and they go quick but this morning I woke to realise I had neither! What did I do? I replaced the apple with an apples worth of frozen blueberries and followed the rest of the recipe and it turns out great! I’m inspired to try out some more frozen fruit now!

  • Jac Kirk

    I made this for myself to take camping and within one breakfast it was gone. Our friends, who love traditional muesli, enjoyed it so much they requested the recipe. It’s a regular meal in our house.

    • That is great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to write and for sharing the recipe! I really appreciate your feedback and support. Bianca

  • Talia

    Made this yesterday and ate leftovers today for brunch with stewed plums and natural yogurt. So delicious!

  • becky

    Made this today with just one handful of mixed nuts and seeds and the rest oats. As I am not grain free. Very yummy. Something different from my nirmal soaked oats! ☺

  • Bec

    Just made this and it was absolutely delicious! Looking forward to making this again and trying different combinations x

  • Cass

    Almost tbe same as apple crumble, without the coconut! Great recipe x