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No Blend One Bowl Coconut Rough

 no blend coconut rough

In a good physical or mental condition. In good health.

This is a word I very seldom use. Actually, I don’t think I have ever used it on my site. This is because I believe that healthy eating is something different for everyone.

What makes me feel good and helps me be my best may not be the same for my neighbour, my friend, my children or my Mother.

I do not consider Wholefood Simply to be a health site. I am not an expert and I am not qualified to give dietary advice.

I consider Wholefood Simply to be a place where people who follow a restricted diet, for whatever reason, can find quick and easy foods that bring joy into their day without leaving their body and mind dealing with undesirable symptoms.

It is a place where additives, preservatives and colours are left behind.

It is a place where ingredient lists are understood.

It’s a community filled with amazing people and inspiring stories. It is a community filled with allergies, intolerances and personal choices that may differ from what is considered the norm.

It is a community free of judgement and full of acceptance.

It is a community of beautiful people who love to create, share and indulge in delicious things.

It is me sharing recipes that my family and friends enjoy. It is those who choose to try them out.

It is nothing more and nothing less than that.

I love it here. I love that it’s simple, that there are no rules and that I’m accepted.

I know that not everything I create will work for everybody, but I do hope to create something for everyone. I hope that as you browse my pages you find a recipe or two that you enjoy.

That you love.

For this is what my little space is all about.

And ultimately, as with all things in my life, I hope I give a little more than I take.

No Blend One Bowl Coconut Rough

  • 2 cups desiccated coconut
  • 2 rounded tablespoons honey*
  • 2 tablespoon cocoa or cacao**
  1. Place the honey and cacao or cocoa into a medium sized bowl and mix to combine. Add the coconut and mix. Use your hands to work the mixture until it is sticking together. It will still be crumbly but sets in the fridge.
  2. Press the mixture firmly into the holes of a mini muffin silicon tray.
  3. Set in the fridge, I find it is best left overnight.
  4. Eat straight from the fridge.
  5. Enjoy.

*you can try using rice malt syrup if you prefer

** I like dark chocolate and use two tablespoons of cacao or cocoa in this recipe. You can decrease it to one tablespoon if you do not want such a strong taste. One tablespoon may also be slightly easier to work with as it is less crumbly. In saying this I think two tablespoons is perfect and have ran this past many friends and family members who all agree.

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No Blend One Bowl Coconut Rough
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