Mini Quiche Many Ways


Our mini quiches make life easy. They are incredible simple to throw together. These quiches are a perfect instant breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Whenever I make our mini quiches half of them disappear before they even have a chance to cool. I quickly hide the rest. I find the texture perfect for toddlers, and my kids love them. The optional extras are exactly that, these quiches are lovely just as they are.

I call them quiches because I guess that is what I had in mind the first time I whipped them up, however, they are not your typical quiche, regardless, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Mini Quiche Many Ways

600 grams cooled roasted sweet potato flesh*

8 eggs

salt and pepper

1 teaspoon dried oregano (optional)

12 thin tomato slices

Optional Extras 

Omit the salt and add 1 cup of grated cheese


1/3 cup of coconut milk


Omit the salt and add 1/3 cup of sun dried tomatoes and 1/3 cup pitted olives, either chop or add to the blender with the sweet potato.

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celcius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease a 12 hole muffin tin.

Place the potato into your blender or food processor and pulse until smooth, either transfer the mixture to a bowl and mix in the remaining (optional) ingredients until well combined or leave the potato in your food processor or blender and add in the remaining ingredients, mixing as you go.

Spoon the mixture evenly into your prepared tin. Top each quiche with a tomato slice, lightly press it down, and bake for 35 minutes or until an inserted skewer comes out cleanly.

*I use 2-3 of the purple skinned/white flesh sweet potatoes, you can also use the orange flesh variety. I generally roast the potatoes with dinner and then make the quiches the following day.

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  • Amanda Friend

    Oo yay! I was just wondering about a quiche recipe that doesnt need flour today! I dont have any purple sweet potatoes, but I will get some! My daughter cant have tomato, any suggestions of what I could add just to make them a bit more special?

    • bianca

      Hi Amanda, I often make them without tomato and they are perfect, in some ways they are a little easier for the kids to eat without it. I wouldn’t worry at all about substituting. I hope you like them. Bianca

      • What about red or orange bell pepper? It’s not acidic like the tomato, but it’s definitely a nice flavor with eggs!

        • bianca

          That would work perfectly Caitlin. I hope you like them. Bianca

    • Vicki

      Hi Bianca,
      Saw your book at work on Friday- promptly bought both! Have been making some of your recipes over the weekend! Sensational!! I am on an allergy diet so the timing was perfect as I was in need of some sweet treats.
      Thank you,

      • bianca

        Thank you so much!!! I am rapt to hear you are enjoying the book and recipes. Thank you for letting me know. x

  • Lea

    A fantastic idea. I have always made mini quiche with pastry. Its the one ingredient I was not happy with. I also add leeks or pineapple. You can add corn or capsicum

    • bianca

      Thank you Lea, your additions sound lovely! If your children are anything like mine then pineapple makes everything great. Enjoy. Bianca

  • Paula

    Wow, these really look like they are made with pastry! They look fabulous! Will definitely give these a go for my dairy and gluten free boy, thanks 🙂

  • Sharon D.

    does 2 1/2 cups sound right for the 600 grams of sweet potato??

    • bianca

      Yes Sharon it does, I wouldn’t use any more then that. I hope you enjoy them, many thanks, Bianca

  • Coralie

    Do you leave the skin on the potatoes?

    • bianca

      I like to eat the skins Coralie, they are delicious, so generally I just use the flesh, but I am sure you could leave the skins on and blend it well. I hope this helps, Bianca

  • these are brilliant. just eat one pretty much fresh out of the oven. thankyou

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Jenny!! I really appreciate you taking the time to write in and let me know that you enjoyed them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Keah

    I only have some normal sweet potatoes that need to be eaten and want to try this!
    Will it still work with the normal orange ones?

    • bianca

      Hi Keah, yes it will still work but I just think it is really lovely with the other ones. I would love to hear what you think. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Hi!

    Great recipe, thank you. I’m making them for dinner tonight! How does the additional coconut milk change the recipe? Does it make it lighter?

    Thank you!


    • bianca

      Hi Lucy, thank you, I am glad you like the recipe, the coconut milk changes the taste but I would not say it makes them lighter. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Di

    Noooo… My quiches stuck to the pan! How is the best way to grease pan so they don’t stick in future? I tried some with using just olive oil to grease and also oiled/floured others but all stuck.

    • bianca

      Oh no Di, that is disappointing! I hope it was mostly an aesthetics issue and that you were still able to enjoy them. I grease my pan really well with melted butter, if you are butter free you could try coconut oil. I hope that helps. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Kate

    Can’t wait to try these, I love purple sweet potato! Just wondering if they would freeze well? I usually like to make large batches when I cook and save some for a rainy day.

    • bianca

      Yes Kate I think they would freeze ok, be sure to let me know. Bianca. x

  • Mel

    Hi, just wondering if normal sweet potato would work ok with this recipe?? Ive never seen purple sweet potato

    • bianca

      Hi Mel, it will work but they are not as delicious. I hope you like them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • kelly

    Out of interest and this will probably sound silly – but are they eggie? i don’t normally like quiche as I loathe eggs by themselves or anything that tastes of egg – but mixed in where you can’t notice it (like your banana bread) is fine – thoughts? i imagine these would be a great go to for a quick breakfast

    • bianca

      Hi Kelly, your question doesn’t sound silly, I think you might like these, many people say they are more like a muffin then an egg. I hope that helps a little. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Tracey

    Hi! Could you used steamed sweet potato instead do baked? Thanks 🙂

    • bianca

      You could Tracy, it will still work, I just love the sweeter flavour that you get with roasting potatoes. I hope that helps, Bianca

  • Dana

    Hi Bianca, Thankyou for this recipe – I have a fussy 2 yr old that I struggle to get vege into, and he liked them! Just wondering how you prefer to store them and for how long? Mine went very moist in the fridge within half a day.

    • bianca

      Hi Dana, we keep ours in the fridge and generally use them up over 24 hours, I think you could also freeze them. I am glad your 2 year old enjoyed them. You can also halve the recipe if that helps. Bianca

      • Dana

        Great. Thanks! Next to try: mud cake!

  • Céline

    I am from the UK and have never seen purple skin sweet potatoes. I notice you say it’s important here so does that mean I can’t use the orange ones? I have decided not to make the recipes with those potatoes so far but I’d really like to make the quiches for my son. Thanks for your great recipes!

    • bianca

      Hi Celine, the orange sweet potatoes will still work perfectly, I just love the purple ones! I hope you enjoy the quiches. Many thanks, Bianca

  • I made these today using orange sweet potato, sun dried tomatoes and coriander. They are delicious, I will definitely be making these again 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Jenine, I am glad you liked them and I really appreciate you taking the time to write! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Stacey

    I tried these and cut a piece of mountain bread into 4 and lined my muffin trays with these, a lighter alternative to pastry yet so crunchy also. And no sticking is a bonus 🙂 happy household here. Thanks

    • bianca

      Thank you Stacey, I am sure many people will love your idea! I really appreciate you sharing! I am glad you have enjoyed the recipe. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Sharon Matheny-Thomas

    I have made quiche in the past and I always used eggs whipped with mushrooms and cheese and bacon or ham and put it in a round baking dish baked it at 350 for 30 mins. let cool around 5 to 8 mins and severed it like a pie. kids always liked it. but never used potatoes or a muffin tin:

    • bianca

      Thank you Sharon, I hope you like them. Bianca

  • Allison

    Do you think boiling the potatoes would work too? Or would it make them too mushy?

  • Tina

    Made these tonight for my kids, husband & my lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to tasting & hearing from the rest of my family what they think. Thank you 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Tina!!! They look perfect! I hope you all enjoyed them. Bianca

  • Jai Gomer

    I made these with regular potatoes, rather than sweet potatoes – and they were gorgeous! Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! 🙂 x

    • Jai Gomer

      btw – I boiled the potatoes rather than roasting them – as I said, delicious!

      • bianca

        Fabulous! Thanks you.

    • bianca

      Thank you Jai, I really appreciate you writing. I am sure your tip will help many others. I am glad you enjoyed them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • shannon

    Is there a way to make these without eggs?

    • bianca

      Not that I have tried Shannon.

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  • Laurie

    Made these mini quiches today and they taste fabulous. I had the same problem as Di, as they stuck on the bottom of my muffin tin even though I buttered it. I will use more butter for my next batch and see if that helps.
    I used roasted orange yams as I usually have some in the fridge, added spinach, cheese and Italian seasoning to the batter before topping off with a slice of tomato. Certainly want to add black olives to future batches.
    Thanks for the recipe and Grok on!

    • bianca

      Thank you. I love your pic!! I am glad you have enjoyed them. Bianca

  • Belle

    These look amazing, do you think that I could use something other than sweet potato or potato? Maybe pumpkin?

  • tasha

    hi I want to make these today and found the purple sweet potato so im happy-just wondering though how do you roast them? It might seem like a silly question but just want to be sure 🙂

    • bianca

      Hi Tasha, it isn’t silly. I leave my in the skins, roast them whole, then remove the skin. I typically do it on around 200 degrees Celsius. How long it will take will depend in the size but usually an hour or more. They will feel soft when done. I hope this helps. Thanks, Bianca

  • Julia

    Hi, I’m confused about the recipe and the method. Couldn’t see potatoes in the ingredients, but they are in the method… Please, clarify. I’d love to try a flourless quich

    • bianca

      Hi Julia, you will see the sweet potato flesh is the very first ingredient listed. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Deb

    Place patty papers in your muffin tin
    This works as well and is great for the kids to hold them
    Stops them sticking
    Saves washing up too

    • bianca

      This is a great tip, thank you.

  • Trish

    I make something similar (without potato) and add red capsicum.
    I also add asparagus or spinach which my daughter wouldn’t otherwise eat!
    She calls them “Eggy Pies”

    • bianca

      That sounds delicious, thank you.

  • Samara

    Do we beat the eggs?

    • bianca

      Hi Samara, I just put it all into my blender. I hope you like them. Bianca

  • Shona

    This is sheer brilliance. Ive been trying different ways to sneak in more veg in my 10 year olds lunch box. She’s pretty good, but just won’t eat sweet potato or pumpkin. Using the purple skinned ones will get rid of the orangey colour and I can fill them with all the goodies that she likes. I’m thinking ham and pineapple could be the way to go. Love the idea of it being pastry free and so easy to do.

    • bianca

      Ham and pineapple sounds great, I hope your daughter enjoys them.

  • Deanna

    Just took the purple skinned sweet potato out of the oven – HOW DELICIOUS ARE THEY!?? Thanks for this recipe, Bianca. Yet another win on Team WS!

    • Deanna

      Glory. These are amazing.
      I put bacon, kale, capsicum, mushrooms & cheese in mine. The purple skinned sweet potato were the key, I think. Thank you again!

      • bianca

        Yum!! Thank you. x

    • bianca

      This made me laugh!! Thank you! Now you must try the white skin / purple flesh ones ok? x

  • Tori

    I just made these and they are delicious!!! Has same problem as some others with a bit of sticking to the pan so will use patty cases next time. I was a bit of a nuff nuff and roasted 700g sweet potato only to get about 380g once skin removed so I halved everything and it worked just fine. Put ham and mushrooms in mine. Used my Thermomix which made it all so very easy. And the sweetness of the roasted slice of tomato on top works so well with the purple sweet potato! Thank you for another awesome recipe!! Xx

  • debbie

    Just made these and they were a hit! I made mine in a silicon 12 hole muffin pan slightly greased with a little coconut oil. No sticking at all.

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  • Ruth Binneman

    Thanks so much for this recipe. Made it today and hubby loved it. Only needed 5 eggs and it turned out great!

    • Fabulous!!! Thank you. I am glad they were enjoyed. x

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  • Colleen

    I am not a good cook. My husband does it all. I decided to give it a go. Fantastic. Loved them. Even my husband did. He was very very surprised! I have been taking one to work for a snack & having one to eat when I get home.
    A great recipe. Thank you.
    One thing I’d like to ask is can you freeze them?

    • Oh that is great to hear Colleen, thank YOU!! I have not tried freezing them sorry. x

  • Amy

    The only 12 hole muffin tin I have is for regular sized muffins. This is for a mini muffin tin, right? Hence the name “mini quiche”. Just double-checking before I bust out the pan.

    • No regular, mini meaning not a family sized, I hope this helps. x