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Lemons, Limes and My Day with MasterChef

lemon lime and bitters
My husband and I are long term MasterChef addicts. We get the kids tucked into bed and jump on the couch for our fix. It is like date night four to five days a week. We don’t consider this TV time, it’s quality time! We laugh, we get excited, we get nervous. We love it. Yes, even my husband, who I have never seen make anything more than a sandwich gets caught up in the MasterChef buzz, a phenomenon that is enjoyed all around the world.
He loves George. Well, actually he thinks all three judges are top blokes and is rapt that they are all running the show again this season. He was oozing with jealousy when I was heading out the door for my MasterChef experience.
I started the day with one of George’s desserts that the contestants would be recreating in a pressure test. Lemon, Lime and Bitters! Perfect. I love citrus and anything at all that reignites childhood memories. One bite and I was eight years old, sitting on a bar stool next to my Dad, slurping on my lemon, lime and bitters and nibbling on a pack of Nobby’s salted nuts. This is the food I love. This is why I love food. George had won my heart.
The dessert was perfect. The texture, the flavours, the balance and intensity were all spot on. The presentation was immaculate. Beautiful, vibrant lemons and limes were presented as I sat in a mist of bitters perfume. The fruit was then crushed before my eyes to reveal a delicate lime cloud and a tangy lemon curd. The skin of the fruits had the essential sour characteristics that citrus possess and was both complemented and offset by the sweetness of the melt in your mouth white chocolate ‘pith’. It truly was perfection. It was food, it was art. It was a mind blowing experience and I encourage you all to check this recipe out when the show airs tonight! I cannot wait! I wish the contestants all the best, it will be a monumental challenge. I am glad I am not the one who is under the pump to recreate something so intricate and complex. However, I am hanging out to see the process, be sure to join me.
lemon lime and bitters
Later in the evening I was fortunate enough to have a strictly confidential behind the scenes experience. It was surreal!! I saw what may turn out to be some of the best home cooks MasterChef has thus far brought to our screens. I met ordinary, everyday people, people I could relate to, and I tasted their extraordinary, restaurant standard food. Kylie Kwong was also hanging around!!! She is one very clever lady and makes a fabulous guest addition to the judging team. I am looking forward to learning from her knowledge and expertise this season.
You can follow all the MasterChef action here. Check it out to get updates on what is happening, watch any episodes you may have missed and discover many delicious recipes!
Lastly, here is a simple way that we like to enjoy the tang and bite of lemon and lime. It doesn’t come close to George’s spectacular creation, but it takes a minute to make and we like it never-the-less. I hope you do too.
lemon lime sorbet

Lemon and Lime Sorbet

2 cups of pineapple juice, frozen in ice cube trays

juice of one small lemon

juice of one small lime

1 – 2 tablespoons coconut milk

pinch of salt

Blend. Eat. Enjoy.

master chef

I spent much of the day with two friendly, kind and exceptionally talented ladies. The fabulous Jenny from Ichigo Shortcake who has supplied these perfect images, and the delightful Emily from Fuss Free Cooking. Thank you both for being such wonderful company. I look forward to meeting again.

master chef

Brought to you by Nuffnang and MasterChef Australia

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