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Chocolate Cups With Instant Ice Cream

raspberry ice cream chocolate cups
I do not read newspapers, listen to the radio, or watch TV; I keep my social media interaction to a minimum. Last year our town was surrounded by fires. My husband was at work and not contactable. My poor Mother, who lives a state away, was petrified that our family would be in danger and I would be oblivious, standing at my kitchen bench making cookies while the fire closes in on us. Thankfully nothing like this happened.
During this time, my dear friend, who lives a country away, was keeping tabs on it all. Keeping me updated, keeping me safe. Bless her.
This friend understands me well. You see my husband has attempted, without even a glimmer of success, to get me to pay attention to the news and current affairs. He reads The Australian, have you seen that newspaper? It is massive and consequently daunting and overwhelming for someone such as myself. My far away friend however, sends me brief, direct, little snippets and I have somehow found myself reading, learning, interested.
I have been attempting to understand the severity of the snow storm that has hit Atlanta, her home. I have been lying in our backyard, on our dehydrated lawn, soaking in the sun and reading about the children who were trapped at schools and on buses. Also of the lady who gave birth to her baby, in her car – in a snow storm.
At first I couldn’t stop thinking about the children who couldn’t get back to their parents, or the parents who couldn’t get to their children. But then I read about the lady. I have thought about her ever since.
I have thought about how uncomfortable labour is and how exaggerated this would be if you were confined to the space of a car. I have thought about how terrified my husband ways witnessing my labours and how painful it must have been for her husband, who was without the comfort of an expert presence. I have thought about the overwhelming worry and fear that must have been running through their body and their minds. I have thought about the precious little baby, I pray he or she wasn’t cold, that human warmth was enough. I have thought about the state of shock that my body goes into after I give birth. I shake and feel inconsolably cold. This is just what happens to me, surrounded by experts and covered with blankets.
From what I can gather this ladies story had a happy ending, but I doubt the stress of the moment, the fear, can ever really pass. They certainly have a fine story to tell.
I hope the sun shines down on Atlanta very soon.
Chocolate Cups with Mango Ice Cream

 Chocolate Cups with Instant Ice Cream

Chocolate Cups

6 tablespoons of soft but solid coconut oil. If you coconut oil has liquefied with the heat still follow the same method but pop the chocolate mixture into the freezer for five minutes before making the cups.

4 tablespoons cacao or cocoa

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey

 Ice Cream

2 cups of frozen mango flesh or frozen raspberries

1/2 cup full fat coconut milk

1/2 teaspoon concentrated natural vanilla extract

Using a small bowl or large cup and a fork combine the chocolate ingredients. You can do this in a blender if you prefer, however if the mixture liquefies you will need to then set it in the freezer as outlined above prior to making the cups.

Using a butter knife, spread the chocolate around the inside of a hole of a silicon muffin tray, make sure the area is covered. I make them reasonably thick. You can also use the back of a teaspoon to help with the bottom and to neaten the sides if you wish.  Put the cups in the freezer to set.

Place the ice cream ingredients into your blender or food processor and blend just until it resembles a smooth, ice cream consistency. Spoon the ice cream into the set chocolate cups and enjoy.

This makes two chocolate cups and extra ice cream.


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