Caramel Mud Cake

Caramel Mud Cake

Although I concede that this mud cake is perhaps not as decadent, as rich, or as sweet as the traditional version we think it is a fine substitute! I hope you like it.

Caramel Mud Cake

500 grams flesh of oven baked sweet potatoes (I used a 650 gram raw weight sweet potato)

12 medjool dates, seeds removed

2Β tablespoons hulled tahini

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup coconut flour, sifted

1 teaspoon baking powder

3Β eggs

Pinch of salt

Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celcius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease and line a round 20cm cake tin.

In your blender or food processor puree the sweet potato flesh and dates until smooth. Add the remaining ingredients in the order listed above, mix until well combined.

Pour the mixture into a prepared tin and bake for 45 minutes or until the top is golden and an inserted skewer comes out cleanly. Allow the cake to cool slightly before removing from the cake tin and placing the cake onto a cooling rack. Cool the cake completely prior to icing.

Caramel Frosting

3 heaped tablespoons hulled tahini

3 heaped tablespoons honey

3 heaped tablespoons coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour the mixture directly over the cooled cake for a runny icing or refrigerate the mixture and allow it to set slightly for a thicker frosting consistency.

Isn’t it heavenly? Enjoy!!

  • Sam

    Thanks for this, can’t wait to try it! Could I substitute the coconut flour for another type of flour…say chickpea flour or quinoa flour or something like that?

    • bianca

      Hi Sam, unfortunately coconut flour cannot be substituted, it is very different to all other flours. It is readily available online if that is of any help to you?

      • Julia

        No coconut flour here either. Do you think I could pulverize dried shredded coconut in my food processor or hi-speed blender and get the right result?

        • bianca

          Julia this is not something I have tried, and believe if I did I would end up with coconut butter. However there are instructions on YouTube explaining how to do this. I haven’t watched them but I would love to hear how you go if you decide to give it a shot. I hope that helps.Good luck! Bianca

          • Olivia

            I used a mortar and pestle to grind the fine desiccated coconut to flour form. I just ate a piece with the icing on it and my mind is blown! SOOOOOO delicious, and the “coconut flour” I crafted did the trick πŸ™‚ I only used 2 small sweet potatoes as that’s all I had. It turned out perfectly πŸ™‚ Thanks for an AMAZING alternative to the standard sugary fatty caramel mudcake. I am converted (first time trying a paleo dessert)

          • bianca

            Hi Olivia, that is such a fabulous idea! I was very impressed! I am stoked that you like the cake. It is certainly a winner at our place. I hope you get to try some more recipes, I am very glad that you have been converted. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Monique

        Hi Bianca

        Could you please explain why coconut flour is so different? I’m really interested in learning about all the different flours out there – coconut, quinoa, and now there’s a banana flour too. Thanks!

        • bianca

          Hi Monique, coconut flour has a very different nutritional profile compared to the other flours; coconut flour will absorb a deal more moisture then the other flours you mentioned. However, I am merely a stay at home mum who likes playing in the kitchen, I am sure there will be much better resources out there for learning the science behind it all. Have fun along way! Bianca

  • Bec

    Love all your recipes, can’t wait to try this one. How much sweet potatoe roughly as they come a huge variety of sizes and mine are huge at the moment. Also how do these cakes freeze? Can’t wait to try this one.

    • bianca

      Hi Bec, I would say the sweet potatoes I use weigh around 500g each, close to 1kg in total. I am sure it would freeze fine however mine has never got that far, it gets eaten very quickly. It will also keep well in the fridge. I hope that helps. Can’t wait to see the cake. Bianca

  • ATillman

    I am making this today to enjoy with guests after dinner – cannot wait to taste it!!! Just wanted to ask for a better idea of how much sweet potato? 2 big ones or small ones? Lol… Or maybe how many cups of the roasted flesh approx? Thank u so much – will be taking pics to share!

  • ATillman

    Ignore that last comment I couldn’t see the other comments but now see u have already answered the sweet pot question – sorry! πŸ˜‰

    • bianca

      I look forward to hearing how you went with the cake. Enjoy!

  • Kay

    hulled tahini – is this the paste or the sesame seeds? a little confused because of the “hulled” part…

    • bianca

      Hi Kay, it is the paste. Enjoy the cake! Bianca

  • caterina

    Cant wait to try this one, though not sure where to buy coconut flour from. Any recommendations? Thanks

    • bianca

      Hi Caterina, coconut flour is readily available at health food stores, organic co-ops and online. I hope that helps you and that you get to try the cake! Enjoy. Bianca

  • Caitlin

    Has anyone tried this with ‘unhulled’ tahini? Not sure how the taste would be compared to making it with ‘hulled’ tahini. Any ideas?

    • bianca

      I haven’t tried it Caitlin, the taste will be slightly different but I think it will still be lovely. If you test it out be sure to let me know what you think. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Caitlin

        Thanks for your reply Bianca! I ended up buying some hulled tahini this morning, as I figured I would love the cake and would be making it again. My 3 girls and I are eating it right now and loving it. I can’t believe how smooth and moist it is! My youngest turns 1 next month, and she is scoffing it down, so I have decided to make it as her birthday cake! My other 2 daughters didn’t eat any of their 1st birthday cakes as the cakes weren’t healthy and I didn’t want them eating those unhealthy ingredients. Thanks again for this delicious recipe! Kind regards, Caitlin.

        • bianca

          Thank you so much Caitlin!! I am wrapped that the cake has been a hit with you all. I think it is a fabulous choice for birthdays, especially because even those unacquainted with wholefood recipes will still enjoy it and you will know that it is full of goodness. I will be serving it up for my children’s birthdays, being nut free is also a bonus around that age. I cannot wait to hear all about this first party, be sure to keep updated. Thanks again, Bianca

  • Sarah F

    I tried this recipe today, cooking with my 4yo son.
    This recipe is easy to make, and it’s perfect for cooking with your kids.
    The icing was a problem – it is so thick that it nearly blew up my food processor. I had it in my small bowl to blend it, and the engine literally started smoking! Before trying again, I transferred the mix to my large bowl, and sat it in warm water for a few mins. It did blend, but a certain amount of he coconut oil did not blend in, so when it set in the fridge it was a bit funny….not perfect, but it tasted good.
    My 6yo and 4yo loved the cake, but my 6yo had a problem with the ‘nuttiness’ of it. I don’t know i could really pass this off as a caramel mud cake to a real sugar junkie though. It is obviously a ‘healthy’ cake, and I can see many people not enjoying it….the true taste test will be if hubby likes it. He is wheat intolerant so it’s perfect for him…..but he’s picky – I cook too many good things for him haha

    • bianca

      Hi Sarah, thank you for taking the time to write. I am unsure what has happened with your icing, I haven’t had this problem myself or heard of anyone else experiencing it so I am unsure what advise to offer. As you can see in the photo the icing is generally quite runny when first made and you can then pop it in the fridge if you want a thicker consistency. If the icing is over blended it does turn into a stiff, thick, ball and if this happens I generally start over with a fresh batch, do you think this may have been the problem? I have had numerous comments on my facebook page stating that unsuspecting sugar junkies have adored the cake, I hope your husband falls into this category but we can’t win them all πŸ™‚ Thanks again, Bianca

      • I had the same problem with the icing [processor wasn’t smoking], but I am thinking that it was because it is sooooo cold here. My coconut oil was solidified and I didn’t melt it before mixing and the honey was thick and hard to work with. But I did want my icing thick, so it worked well for me. Maybe this was your issue Sarah.

        I loved the cake Bianca, thank you for the recipe. I have also loved all of the other recipes that I have tried so far, keep them coming. Thanks heaps, Lynette

        • bianca

          Thank you so much Lynette, for both your kind words and help with the fellow readers problem. I really appreciate both! I am delighted that you are enjoying our little recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Sarah

    Is there any substitute for the tahini in the frosting? I made this for my 5 yr old brother (trying to control autism aggression with diet) and while he liked the cake, he wasn’t keen on the ‘funny taste’ in the frosting.
    Thanks, Sarah πŸ™‚

    • bianca

      Hi Sarah, I am really pleased that your Brother enjoyed the cake. We often make it without frosting which can sometimes be more convenient when you are packing it into lunch boxes and travelling etc. You could try simply omitting the tahini or using a nut butter in its place. I have tried either of these options and would love to hear how you go. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Monique

        what about a coconut milk frosting instead? with perhaps a little maple syrup and/or raw cacao powder mixed in.

        • bianca

          Hi Monique, go ahead and try whatever combinations you think you may like. How I have write up the recipes is simply how we enjoy them. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Suzanne Reese

    Just to be certain, when you say “preheat your oven to moderate”, is “moderate” the equivalent to the U.S. standard 350 F?

    • bianca

      Hi Suzanne, yes that is correct. You may even want to turn it a fraction lower, or if you see the cake is browning on top before being cooked in the centre place a piece of foil over the top of the cake to prevent it from burning but to allow it to cook through. You may not need this tip but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to mention it. I look forward to hearing how you go with the cake. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Jody

    Is it vanilla essence? Or what kind of vanilla?

    • bianca

      Hi Jody, you can use vanilla essence, pure vanilla powder, vanilla extract, vanilla paste, vanilla bean; whichever you have in your cupboard will be perfect. I hope that is of some help. I look forward to hearing how you go. Bianca

  • Judith

    Thanks for all your inspiring recipes. I’m looking forward to trying this one. I’ve got a lot of pumpkins to use at the moment – do you think it would work in place of the sweet potato?

    • bianca

      Hi Judith, lucky you! I love roast pumpkin in winter and I think it will work perfectly, be sure to let me know how it turns out. Enjoy, Bianca

      • Judith

        Hi Bianca – made the cake today, with a mix of sweet potato & pumpkin – can’t report on result until tonight. But I also had trouble with the icing. I did it in my Thermomix, melted coconut oil & honey at 37 deg then mixed slowly. Ended up thick & goopy with the coconut oil separated out. Very yummy, but unusable. Any clues? Used last of coconut oil & tahini so have to go out before trying again!

        • bianca

          Hi Judith, I do not melt my coconut oil or honey so perhaps that was the problem? You also need to be a bit mindful of not over blending, I did this once and had to scratch it and start again. Let me know if that helps. I hope you enjoy the cake. Many thanks, Bianca

          • Judith

            Thanks for getting back to me. I’m in Melbourne, so at this time of year coconut oil is totally solid and unmixable. I softened it over hot water and mushed the other ingredients in by hand, and that worked well. I think the cake would have been better just with sweet potato – it was a bit too pumpkin-y (which would be nice with some spices added!). A great recipe, though. And the failed icing made a delicious fudge!!

  • Sara l

    Could you replace the taking me with almond butter in the cake? I’m allergic to sesame seeds.

    • bianca

      Hi Sara, are you wanting to place the tahini with almond butter? It certainly sounds worth giving a shop, I think it will be delicious, be sure to let me know. Bianca

      • Dyann

        would peanut butter have a similar effect and taste to substituting tahinin with almond butter?

        • bianca

          Hi Dyann, I have not triped this but I certainly think it is worth giving a shot! Let me know how you go. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Kassandra

    Thanks for the great recipe! I made this with almond butter and it was delicious!! IT was hard not to eat the icing straight out of the bowl. Next time I will try it with the tahini.

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Kassandra, I really appreciate you writing in and I am delighted that you enjoyed the cake, your variation sounds delicious. Enjoy. Bianca. xx

  • This may be a silly question but this recipe having coconut flour in does that make it gluten free. Just wondering if this is suitable for a celiac?

    • bianca

      Hi Nicole, yes this recipe is gluten free. Most of the recipes on our site are suitable for those with celiac. There is no such thing as a silly question πŸ™‚

  • Unfortunately this cake was a big fail in this house.
    Tasted nothing like caramel & not nearly sweet enough.
    I will eat anything, but I was disappointed & was pretty sad to serve it as my daughter’s birthday cake.
    I followed the recipe as best as I could, the only variable was the exact amount of cooked sweet potato to use. I also did not use the icing recipe, but figured the cake would b caramelly enough & used a normal icing to decorate.

    • bianca

      Hi Bianca, I am sorry that you did not enjoy the cake. As you may have noticed it is one of our most popular recipes and it has received great reviews both here and on Facebook. Taste is a very personal concept, and unfortunately it isn’t easy to create recipes that will please everyone. Again, I am sorry you didn’t enjoy it. I hope your daughter had a lovely birthday. Thank you for trying the recipe out. Bianca

  • Chloe

    Hi, I probably sound a bit daft, but what do you exactly mean by sweet potato flesh? The actual sweet potato itself right?? not the skin? I feel silly but I’m just having a moment! Lol

    • bianca

      Don’t feel silly Chloe, yes, just the flesh of the roasted sweet potato, not the skin. I hope that helps, I look forward to hearing how you go with it. Many thanks, Bianca

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  • Rebecca

    I made this cake today. I really think the icing made it. On its own the cake wouldn’t be sweet enough for me.
    Can this be frozen? I have a feeling that I’ll be the only one in my house eating it!

    • bianca

      Hi Rebecca, yes you can freeze the cake, I haven’t tried freezing the icing so if you do I would love to hear how that goes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Jenn

    My kids loved it, and hubby said okay, but he stopped at one slice when he is a finish the cake kind of guy. He was trying to work out the flavours. Thank goodness none of them saw me make it or I don’t think it would have passed – just because of what was in it. I think my sweet potatoes may have been too big, because the mixture was right to the top of the tin unbaked, and really really really moist like it could have done with a little more flour, i guess almost like a pudding texture .. anyway, a curiosity question – do you use orange or white sweet potato?

    • bianca

      Hi Jenn, I am glad your kids liked it, did you like it? I use approximately 1kg raw weight sweet potato. I use the orange sweet potato in this cake however I would love to try it with either the white or purple flesh sweet potatoes. The purple skin/white flesh is my favourite but I cannot always get it. Thanks for writing Jenn, hopefully we can find another recipe your husband might like, have you tried the caramel slice? Many thanks, Bianca

    • bianca

      PS If you do try one of the other sweet potatoes be sure to let me know what you think πŸ™‚

  • Kirstie

    Could you substitute the coconut oil or another oil like rice bran? I just realised I am out of coconut oil and sometimes I can get it where I live but usually I have to drive into town (1 hour away) I was hoping to make this tomorrow and just realised I was out.

    • bianca

      Hi Kirstie, unfortunately you cannot substitute the oil but you could try simply omitting it, the icing will not be the same but it will still taste delicious. I hope this helps. Bianca

      • Kirstie

        Thanks Bianca,
        If I get a chance this arvo I will try omitting it and see how it goes.

  • Danielle

    Made it today! Very yummy πŸ˜‰

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Danielle, it is lovely of you to take the time to write and let me know that you enjoyed it, I really appreciate it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Hannah

    I had to try this recipe when I saw it because a) I LOVE CAKE ;o) b) it had sweet potato and I’ve been wanting to use it in baking and c) I was intrigued by the use of tahini. Well, I quite liked it, very interesting flavour and lovely moist texture, and the icing was divine. However, a friend made it before I got to it, and she warned me the tahini was quite overpowering so I only added 2 tablespoons to the cake and one to the icing. The tahini flavour was still very prominent, but I didnt mind it. It was much less noticable when it was warmed up rather than cold though. All in all, I’ll definitely make it again, maybe with 1 tbsp tahini and 1 of almond butter next time. 2 out of 3 kids ate it and asked for more…and more…! However, my sugar addict husband wasnt very impressed. He didnt mind it but didnt want seconds. I dont know if I did something wrong (oh, I didnt use medjool dates, just cheap ones, but added 2 tbsp rice malt syrup) but I couldnt see this cake appealing to my sugar lovin’ friends. Just sayin.
    Love the sound of all your recipes though and very keen to make more! Ooh, I made the chocolate mousse, absolutely fabbo and my kids loved it too – happy Mama :o)

    • bianca

      Thank you Hannah, I really appreciate all of your feedback. Perhaps try your sugar loving friends with the caramel slice or the chewy chocolate cookies and let me know how that goes!! Many thanks, I hope you enjoy the recipes. Bianca

  • Gill

    Hi, I’ve just tried this recipe out, I used two big sweet potatoes before reading your comments thread so hopefully it wasn’t too much ?? and when you say 500g ea, is that before roasting?
    Anyway, I found it a little hard to get it to mix in the thermie as it was quite thick, I had to use a spatula to incorporate it. I’m not sure if that’s bcos I used (organic) dates but don’t think they are medjool… I’ve seen this name/type around in recipes, but haven’t come across them in my co op order lists or health food shop. It’s in the oven now, hoping it turns out!! πŸ™‚

    • bianca

      Hi Gill, I hope it turns out well for you. The mixture is very thick so do not worry about that. You can buy the medjool dates in the fresh produce section of most supermarkets and many health food and fruit and vegetable stores. They really do make a difference so I hope you are able to get some. I look forward to hearing how it all ended. Many thanks, Bianca

    • Gill

      It didn’t come out as light or high as yours looks… it tastes nice, it tastes like sweet potato πŸ˜‰ Hubby’s comment: “It tastes nice, for a healthy cake. It’s healthy isn’t it?”
      Maybe if I ever come across medjool dates I’ll try it again…

      • bianca

        This made me laugh Gill, I really hope you get to try it with medjool dates, or at the very least I hope you get to try medjool dates! They really are delicious. Thanks for the update. Bianca

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  • I made this cake in cupcake form the other day, I used tapioca starch instead of coconut flour, the cake is super delicious, icing is ok but I am not in love with it. I will definitely make the cake again, but will probably leave off the icing.

  • oh i just adore this cake! i made this on the weekend and it has been open on my phone for the past week or two patiently waiting for me to make. and i am so glad that i did. just divine. thankyou for sharing your beautiful recipes with us. i’ll be making this again but first i have to make the chocolate one!

    i made your brownie bites yesterday and they are delicious. my two year old loves too which is more important!

    jen x

    • bianca

      Thank you Jen, it is lovely of you to write. I am glad you are enjoying the recipes, be sure to let me know what else you try. Many thanks, Bianca

  • deedee

    hi there, love your recipes, just wondering if you could help me – in terms of the frosting, could this be used to top other cakes, if so, which, I was thinking possibly banana cake variations? I suppose my question without having made it (I will eventually :)) is, is it ‘really caramel’, enough to top with just about I would do with most caramel? please and thank you!

    • bianca

      I love it Deedee, I think it is perfectly fine to use on other cakes, I hope you like it too. Bianca

  • helen

    Unfortunately, I was the only one here who liked it! I did use “normal” dates but doubled the quantity to try to substitute for the Medjool dates. Also, I used unhulled tahini and maybe the flavour was a bit dominated by that. Anyway, I’ll freeze the remainder of the cake and nibble at it from time to time. I was surprised the kids didn’t like it as I am trying to keep the house pretty much free of sugar/sweet things and i thought this might be a treat…but no. They don’t tend to like tahini and it wasn’t disguised enough and my daughter doesn’t like honey either so I guess I knew she wouldn’t be impressed AND she saw me making it so she knew what was in it and couldn’t be convinced! I’m sure I’ll find a recipe they like EVENTUALLY.

    • bianca

      Hi Helen, great job getting it might but I might have to side with your kids on this one, I too cannot take to unhulled tahini, and I am a huge hulled tahini fan! Perhaps try the raw chocolate fudge or the chewy chocolate cookies, they have both been very popular and they are quick and easy to make. I am glad you like it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Fiona

    Hoping to make this over the weekend but I can’t get hold of Medjool dates so bought Sayer(?) dates instead. Should I double the amount to make up for the smaller dates? I’ve never seen Medjool dates so not sure!

    • bianca

      Hi Fiona, I do not know what sayer dates are but I would generally suggest doubling the dates if you are not using medjool. Medjool dates are often found in the fresh produce section of supermarkets if that is of any help. I hope you like it. Bianca

  • Cinnamon

    Hi Bianca, I loved this cake & icing combo πŸ™‚ I’m planning to use the icing for my son’s birthday as I think it will be pale enough to colour. However, there will be someone with a honey allergy at the party. Do you think rice malt syrup or maple syrup will work in place of the honey?
    Thanks heaps for lovely yummy recipes & sage advice πŸ™‚

    • bianca

      I am glad you like it! I think maple syrup will work, I hope it all turns out perfectly for you. Bianca

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  • caterina

    I am in the process of making this this morning, but forgot to weigh the sweet potato before cooking. What is the weight that you need of cooked sweet potato? many thanks

    • bianca

      I am sorry Caterina I am not 100% sure of the cooked weight. I am thinking it would be around 2 cups, 500g perhaps??? I hope that helps, Bianca

  • Sally

    Not sure if previous posters will see this, but an online company called vitacost is an excellent resource to find your organic and/or gluten free ingredients. I have no affiliation with them, I’m just a very happy customer πŸ˜‰

  • Kylie Greste

    Hi Bianca,

    Loving your website! I am going to cook this cake this morning for my teenage sons who also loved the protein banana bread. Thanks so much!!!!

    • bianca

      Thank you Kylie, I am glad the banana bread was well received, I hope he likes this one also. Many thanks, Bianca

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  • Casey

    Hi I was wondering if I need to use medjool dates for your recipes or can I use pitted dates? If I can use pitted dates so you recommend soaking them? LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your recipes btw! THANKS for all of your time πŸ™‚

    • Casey

      should say ‘do’ you recommend soaking lol

  • Tiffany Cole

    Made the caramel mud! Unusual, and surprisingly super sweet. I’ll use less tahini in the frosting next time as it’s a little too overpowering for me, but I’m so happy to have made and eaten a cake made from sweet potato! Thank you!

    • bianca

      I love this Tiffany, it made me laugh! Thank you!! xx

  • Wendy

    Hi Bianca, love your recipes. I’m fairly new to all wholefood recipes but I’ve made this today, the only different thing I did was used peanut butter and sesame oil as I had no tahini, my cake isn’t terrible but all it tastes like is baked sweet potato… Should I be tasting a lot of sweet potato? Thanks

    • bianca

      Hi Wendy, that is tricky for me to answer as everyone tastes things differently, however my husband who does not sweet potato at all loves this cake. Might be worth trying again one day when you have all of the ingredients? I am glad you are enjoying the site. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Tamara

    I made this for my husband’s birthday last week – he LOVES his sweet desserts! And it was a big hit with the whole family! I only had unhulled tahini and think the flavour was a bit too overpowering. Also, it broke when I put it on a plate, but I think I moved it before it was cool enough (I was just having one of those days where nothing worked!!) I used cashew paste instead of tahini for the icing too, which worked a treat! So, I made it again this week and to quote my husband, “the first one was delicious, but this one is even more delicious!” So, thank you for this and all your other recipes! I’ve made a few others too – my youngest daughter is allergic to dairy and eggs, so it’s great to have another spot to go to for ideas. (I used an egg replacer in this cake and it was fine) Sorry for my babble and thank you again for your recipes!!

    • bianca

      Don’t be sorry, I love babble and your story is wonderful!! I am rapt that you and your family have enjoyed the cake and I appreciate you taking the time to write! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Caro

    I’m sorry to say that it wasn’t a hit here. Four kids, and none of them liked it πŸ™ Hubby and I didn’t mind it, but I’m disappointed the kids didn’t go for it. We are long users of legumes and vegies in cakes so I thought it would be an easy stretch for them, but it really wasn’t a winner. Might try the protein banana bread instead πŸ™‚

    • bianca

      Thank you Caro, I am sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it. I hope you have better luck with the banana bread. Be sure to let me know. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Angela bailey

    Unfortunately this didn’t work for me and just tasted like a dollop of mashed sweet potato and even had that consistency. I love baking and was so excited to try the recipe… I had to substitute the medjool dates for dried so perhaps that was why. It also fell apart when I took it out of the tin. Should this have a sponge like texture when baked? I don’t give up though so will try again with the proper dates! My mum loved the frosting!!

    • bianca

      I am sorry to here you didn’t enjoy it. I would suggest trying with the medjool dates, if using dried dates I would double the amount required. However, I would get medjool if you can. The texture is quite heavy and dense, so no, I wouldn’t say it is sponge like. I do not know why it would fall apart, I have not had this happen. Perhaps you will find some other recipes on the site that you might prefer. I hope this helps, Bianca

  • Jo

    So happy to have been directed to this website! The caramel mud cake was a hit! I am really enjoying trying your lovely recipes! As for the Hedgehog slice soooo good!
    Thankyou Bianca for your recipes and lovely stories!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Jo!! I really appreciate you writing. I am glad you like the site. Many thanks, Bianca

  • July

    I was wondering about kilojoules for your recipes per serving???

    • bianca

      Sorry July, I know very little about kilojoules so I am not much help with that one.

      • Mia Jenkins

        Love this cake. It freezes well with the icing.

        • bianca

          Thank you, I am glad you like it. Bianca

  • Mia Jenkins

    After freezing this cake for quite some time complete with the icing, I’m happy to say it thawed beautifully. I took it along to a morning tea along with a magic bean cake from thermomix recipe community and both cakes were enjoyed by all. One lady was celiac and was very happy that there was cake she could indulge in. She asked for the recipes. So thank you.
    I’m posting a pic of my cake before icing πŸ™‚

    • bianca

      WOW Mia!!!! That looks amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!! I am glad you and your friends enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing the pic with me. Bianca

  • Jen

    Hi, just wondering if you have to oven bake the sweet potato or whether you can simply cook it in the microwave? Thanks

    • bianca

      Hi Jen, I think the microwave would also work. I hope you like it. Bianca

  • Sarina

    Finally made this. I wasn’t able to get the cake batter smooth before baking, but powered on & it cooked beautifully, even my husband liked it – the icing makes it, I can’t believe it tastes like caramel!
    Just one question, how long dies the icing keep? it made up a large amount, so was thinking of making banana bread in a few days & topping it with caramel icing.

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  • Bec

    Made this for dessert last night at a family dinner and it was a big hit πŸ™‚ I made a few variations due to having different ingredients on hand. I don’t have any coconut flour so I used 1/3c spelt flour (for some reason my brain said to me that spelt is more absorbent then coconut flour and thats why I used less… Yeah I know its the other way around. No idea where my brain was at the time. Next time will increase to 3/4c). I soaked the spelt flour in a little water + lemon juice for a few hours because we’re playing with soaked grains at the moment too. Also I only had Californian dates as thats what is offered through my organic supplier. They were very moist tho and I only used the 12. Because I wasn’t 100% sure about the dates and because I was serving this to some sugar addicts who LOVE caramel I sprinkled the sweet potato with some macadamia oil and some panella sugar (about 1ts for 800g uncooked sweet potato) before baking. The sweet potato had a beautiful caramel flavor when it was cooked. I also only used 1/2tbs of the tahini before deciding the flavor was a bit over powering for us. I made up the rest with the macadamia oil. I also added a tablespoon each of molasses and honey to sub for the different dates but I really don’t think it was needed (or at least only 1/2tbs of each would have been suffice for sugar lovers!). I did find that the molassses+honey gave it a beautiful golden syrupy flavor which complemented the caramel so well πŸ™‚ we served it warm with custard. I will definitely make this again and I think the spelt flour subbed really well (even tho I didn’t use enough) so I think thats a good option for others who don’t have any coconut flour on hand πŸ™‚ (Although that isn’t gluten free of course. But next time I may try it with some almond meal)

    • Thank you Bec!! Your feedback is fabulous!! I am sure it will help many. I am glad you have enjoyed it and I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Be sure to let me know how you go with any other recipes that you try. x

  • Leigh

    Could you substitute sweet potatoes for pumpkin ???

    • I am not sure how well it would work or how much it would change the taste. You could make our choc on choc muffins, they use pumpkin, as do our chookies cookies and snack bars.

  • Lorraine

    Hi Bianca just wondering if you it would work subbing the tahini with nut butter?

  • Leah

    Just checking what would be a good substitute for coconut flour. Planning to make some coconut flour but don’t always have coconut flour in the house.

    • Leah

      As above I used dessicated coconut and blitzed til fine.

    • I have only made this with coconut flour sorry Leah, I wouldn’t like to suggest something that I haven’t tested.

  • Leah

    I made this today with no coconut flour but I blitzed dessicated coconut until it resembled a powder and used that instead. I put the mixture into a muffin tray and baked for about 25mins. The icing split so I had some liquid and some icing which was like a toffee texture. The icing on top of the little cakes make a delicious treat! I’m going to play around with the recipe and see if I can make them into bars for school and maybe cut the cake into slices with some icing in between – like a caramel mudcake sandwich πŸ™‚ Thank you for this recipe!

    • Kylie Gardner

      Thanks for the coconut flour tip, I did the same and it worked out perfectly.

      • Trina Bond

        I tried blitzing dessicated coconut into flour, but it just went clumpy… any thoughts ladies?

        • I have heard a few disaster stories from people attempting to blitz desiccated coconut to coconut flour, I am sorry I cant be of any more help with that. x

    • Thank you!!! I am loving the creativity!!! xx

  • Kylie Gardner

    My cake is cooling and waiting for guests, it looks delicious! I made the caramel sauce with almond butter instead of tahini and added maple syrup too. It’s divine!

  • Trina Bond

    Oh Yum! The more recipes I read, the more I want to make every single recipe. Now. Are all the recipes on your website in your 2 books? (I’m assuming they mustn’t be as you have so many!) Can you give me an idea of what’s in them, just briefly. (Or do you have a contents page listed here on your site that shows what’s in them?) Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Hi Trina, the books are comprised of the most loved recipes from the website. If you check out the shop pages it gives a brief overview, as do many of the reviews. I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thanks, Bianca

  • Danica

    How many sweet potatoes did you use for this? In the recipe it says 500g but in the comments below you say you used 1kg?

    • I think the 1kg refers to the raw weight. I hope this helps.

  • Mariabond

    Sorry to be so ignorant, but do I bake the sweet potatoe and then take only the skin off and use that?

    • No need to be sorry, you do not use the skin, you just use the flesh. I hope this helps.

  • Kylie McDonald

    Is there a tahini free version or do you have any ideas on a tahini substitute? I wanted to use this for a children’s birthday cake but wanted to cater for allergies….

    • Hi Kylie, you can use a nut butter or even normal butter. I hope this helps. x

  • Ellen

    Have you had any luck subbing the eggs? I am considering aquafaba but a bit nervous- gluten free and egg free can sometimes be tricky and it is a whole lot of sweet potato to recook, if I get it terribly wrong

    • I have made this one egg free but we do have many other egg free cakes on the site. Have you seen the egg free section?

  • Jennifer

    What kind of hulled tahini do you recommend? Is it still in seed form? I have found tahini butter in my local store but am not sure if that is what is intended for this recipe. I am not sure where to locate what is meant and would love to try this recipe. Thank you!