A Perfect Moment


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This book is filled with everything from sweets to savouries. All simple. All delicious. I am hoping each recipe you create grants you your own perfect moment. Enjoy.

All books are proudly printed in Australia.

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I will start by saying that when it comes to the latest collection of books, I love them all!! I can’t choose a favourite and would recommend the Discounted Bundle Pack, only because I am far too indecisive and everyone’s circumstances and preferences are different. However, if you are just wanting one book I have attempted to make that easier by sharing what I love about each one and what I think you might like too! 

Why A Perfect Moment?

This is the only book in the collection that has a short section dedicated to savoury recipes. This book also differs from the others in that it has some of my older and some of my newer recipes, so the look of it is a bit different to the rest.

A Perfect Moment is home to many of the long term favourites. Recipes such as the Snickers, Two Minute Baked Brownie Balls, Cherry Ripe and Bounty Bars all reside within its pages!

This is also a great choice for anyone who is a fan of the Mix and Make collection. These super simple recipes require no blending, one bowl and often very few ingredients and very little time.

Lastly, there is a bit of everything else in here: Bliss Balls, Bars, Muffins, Ice Creams, Dairy Free Cheesecakes, Puddings, Mousse and so much more!