Pink, Sparkly, Edible Fairy Dust

Edible Fairy Dust

Last Christmas my daughter was living and breathing Rainbow Magic. On Christmas day she woke to a small jar of fairy dust and a letter from her beloved Rachael and Kirsty. There were so many gifts exchanged on the day, but nothing was near as exciting as the little jar of fairy dust and her special note.

Fairy Dust

500 grams of strawberries

Squeeze of lemon juice (optional)

Preheat your oven to 80 degrees Celsius or 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two oven trays with baking paper.

Puree the above ingredients until smooth. Pour thinly over the baking paper. Bake for three hours, peel away from the paper and quickly pulse the dried strawberries in your blender or food processor until it resembles a fine powder.

It has been difficult for me to give exact oven temperatures here as my oven only has a 50 and 100 degree marking. I think the best approach is to tell you what mine is like when I remove it from the oven. It is very thin and crisp, it will crumble as I pull it away from the paper, it snaps and breaks. I hope that helps you.

This only makes a small amount, depending on what you are using the fairy dust for you can quickly whiz up some desiccated coconut or rolled oats and mix it through until well combined.

My daughter has a pinch of fairy dust and it takes her to fairy land, it enables the fairies to hear her thoughts and she can speak to them, this was all explained in her little note from her Rainbow Magic friends.

We have sprinkled our Fairy Dust on cupcakes, frozen bananas and many other things. I also think it would be great if you had a fussy little one who could sprinkle this on her meals. Be sure to let me know how you use it, I hope your little fairies love it!

Here are some quick photos I took with my phone in response to a reader request. They are all from the same batch, believe it or not. I hope they help a little with perfecting your fairy dust.

It is worth noting that pretty pink strawberries make pretty pink fairy dust. The strawberries I used in the images below were not a lovely vibrant red like the ones I used in the image above. When I combined the two together in our fairy dust jar you could see a very noticeable difference, the latest batch has a brown tinge to it, my daughter will still love it and it isn’t overly obvious until you compare the too. Enjoy!





  • sarah Scodellaro

    Can’t wait to try this – especially as they are almost giving away strawberries at the moment. I Have brought something simular from ‘the raspberry farm’ in Tassie one year – I had no idea how they did it!

    • bianca

      Hi Sarah, ohh I love Tassie!! I have only been there once but it really easy a fabulous place!! I hope you like the fairy dust. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Narelle

    I suspect raspberries would work too?

    • bianca

      Yes I would think so. Be sure to let me know how you go, many thanks, Bianca

  • Nic

    ooh fun! worth experimenting with some other colours too! perhaps blueberry fairy dust and mango fairy dust???

    • bianca

      Absolutely!! Endless options, be sure to let me know what you try. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Hey, this is super cool and unique. Great idea!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much! I am glad you like it. Bianca

  • Natalie

    How long will this last for? And how would you store it?

    • bianca

      Hi Natalie, we just store ours in a jar in our kitchen. It lasts for quite awhile, we have had a batch around for a couple of weeks without any problems. Many thanks, Bianca

  • I love this idea and have shared your recipe on the Parenting Energy Facebook page. Hope it’s ok!

    • bianca

      That is lovely of you Joanna, thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Bianca

  • Wendy

    My daughter will LOVE this! Her birthday is coming up, so I suspect some fairy dust on her cupcakes this weekend. Perfect timing, thanks Bianca! As always, I love your work!

    • bianca

      Oh Wendy you are far too lovely!! Thank you so much!! Be sure to let me know how you go with the fairy dust, I hope your daughter loves it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • What a simply gorgeous idea Bianca. I had such a connection to fairies in my youth, that never really left me. So this one really appeals.

    • bianca

      Hi Brenda, How lovely of you to pop over!! Thank you so much. I am glad you like it! You sound like my daughter, fairies are a very big and important part of her world, it is wonderful and fun for us all. Enjoy your day, be sure to let me know what you think if you get a chance to try it out. Many thanks, Bianca

  • What a brilliant recipe! I am constantly looking for ideas to decorate cakes and treats without all the awful nasties. This is the best recipe I’ve seen. Thank you!

    • bianca

      Thank you, I am glad you like it. Bianca. x

  • Sharon D.

    it’s your annoying U.S. friend again……… Is this grams in weight??

    • bianca

      Yes grams in weight, I think it is around 16oz???

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  • Nikki

    I made this this Arvo but only did a punnet of strawberries. It turned out really dark maroon. I cooked it on 80deg for 1.5. It tastes fine but maybe I overcooked it as it is so much darker than the picture. I think I also spread it too thinly… So maybe that added to my overcooking. I am still going to sprinkle it on my daughters cake tomorrow. I will give it another shot though! Dark maroon/burgundy isn’t pretty.

    • bianca

      Hi Nikki, the colour you end up with is primarily dependant on the colour of the strawberries. The top image is made from beautiful, vibrant, red strawberries, the bottom images are from dark red strawberries. I might try raspberries one day! I cook mine for three hours and I spread it very thinly. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Amy

    I tried raspberries and didn’t get the luster that you seem to have gotten with the strawberries. Could be that it was my first try!

    • bianca

      I have not tried this with Raspberries Amy so it is hard for me to say. I hope it was still well received. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Amy

        Well, it’s for my daughter’s first birthday next week, so she’s not really going to be that picky. ~_^
        Next year we’ll try strawberries!

  • Kylie F

    Hi Bianca, I’ve been dribbling over your site for the last few weeks. Had extreme success with your gingernut cookies, the protein banana bread and wanted to share the photo of our attempt at “pixie dust” I made with blueberries.
    This will be a gift for a very special Miss 4 on her birthday, my son’s best friend. She is a huge “Jake & the Neverland Pirates” fan so this will blow her mind!
    Mango is a fail, don’t try it. It went brown.
    Thanks so very much for your wonderfully inventive food ideas! I will be a repeat fan forever!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Kylie!!! I am so excited about your message!!! Your photo looks fabulous!!! What a lovely gift!! Thank you so much for your support and for taking the time to not only write but to also submit your photo! I really appreciate it. Many, many thanks, Bianca

    • Sharon D.

      what a beautiful color!!!!! I’m thinking the 2 of them together would be gorgeous!

  • renee

    Hi, I was just wondering if any one has added this to milk….could it be a nesquick substitute?
    My miss 2 is totally obsessed with pink milk but theres generally so much sugar in it.
    Thanks 🙂

    • bianca

      Hi Renee, I do not think this would turn your milk pink like nesquick does. Have you tried the strawberry milkshake? I would give that a shot. Many thanks, Bianca

      • Kylie F

        Hi Renee, as a follow-on to Bianca, is you’re in Australia there is a product in the supermarkets located with the nesquick and it’s a stevia (sugar free) colouring for milk. We have the strawberry and the banana, very child friendly as a treat! Good luck!

        • renee

          Thanks heaps, I shall try both theses

  • Leah

    Purple, sparkly, VERY edible fairy dust. Made with Blueberries. So yummy. My 5.5 year old called them chips before I pulverised it. 😉

    • bianca

      Hi Leah, thank you so much for the picture and message, I love it! Bianca

  • Leah

    Wow Bianca. I made Pink and purple-sparkly-very edible-fairy-dust. So simple and I am so excited for the fairies to deliver it to my 3.5 year old daughter on Saturday night. I have a dehydrator and cooked it in there, 65*C for maybe 5 or 6 hours. this is so special and will hopefully be something special for her to treasure. the milk fairies are coming on Saturday night to take her milk (breast) to a new little baby. They are going to leave her a little present as well. I am so excited to see her face when she sees this dust, she has no idea the fairies are dropping it off. A little bit of magic. Thank-you. x

    • bianca

      I love it Leah!! Thank you so much! Bianca

  • Linda

    I think that if you used some shredded beets and dried them in the oven, then processed in a food processor, they should definitely turn your milk pink.
    Perhaps sweeten with coconut sugar, since it’s low glycemic.(this sugar has a nice taste as well)

  • Kylie F

    I’m wondering if using green peas would offer a bright green fairy dust also?
    I’ll have a go sometime and send a photo!
    The beets are a really great idea too!

  • Natalia

    I made the strawberry fairy dust and it was delicious. Kids love it and so do I. Thank you.

    • bianca

      I love this pic Natalia, thank you so much for taking the time to send it in! I am glad you like it. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Hanice Gutierrez

    Hi!!!! I love your work and this fairy dust/note for your daughter is the sweetest thing! I always want to do things like this for my kids but I never find the time! My kids are one and two years old. I REALLY want to be the kitchen/crafty mom. I and so many others look upto you. How do you find your inspirations for these very crafty and sweet ideas? Do these things just make sense to you? Because it seems a bit scientific to me lol. Also, was your mom like this with you?

    Do you suppose this can be done with anything? Like i.e. beets for purple? Or spinach for green?

    • bianca

      Hi Hanice,
      Thank you for your message. I don’t think it would work with anything, it does work with strawberries 🙂
      You are too hard on yourself! Your kids are still very young, all your time is taken simply being a Mum. The fairy dust may seem craft but I promise you I am the least crafty Mum that you could meet. I wasn’t raised in a cooking or craft environment.
      Enjoy, Bianca

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  • Katrina

    My son 4 yr old is a total super hero in training! He has requested a super hero party with all the trimmings..cakes, lollies, fairy bread etc. I am attempting to make all clean treats and this could solve my fairy bread dilema! Super hero bread coming up!

  • Natasha Williams

    Hi Bianca 🙂
    Could you use a dehydrator to dehydrate chopped strawberries/berries in place of pureeing them wet? I am not a fan of cleaning the mess after the pureeing LOL I have two very small children, one 4 the other 18 months, and another on the way, so anything to reduce mess is a blessing 🙂 If i do try it myself i will let you know who it goes.

    • bianca

      Hi Natasha, I do not have a food processor sorry so I cannot help with this one. Thanks, Bianca

  • Marti

    Well here’s my attempt.

    • bianca

      I think it looks great! I love all of the pics! Thank you. xx

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  • Punkie’s Mom

    Come up here, O dusty feet!
    Here is fairy bread to eat.
    Here in my retiring room,
    Children, you may dine
    On the golden smell of broom
    And the shade of pine;
    And when you have eaten well,
    Fairy stories hear and tell.-Robert Louis Stevenson
    My mind is an absolute whirlwind of ideas for how to use these sprinkles for little treats for my children. Going to have to throw a fairy tea party with my daughter and her friends, just for fun!
    Thank you for sharing your recipes and ideas!