Quick And Easy Apple Crumble

Quick And Easy Apple Crumble

If I had to pick our families favourite recipe today, in the middle of winter, I would choose this.

I would pick it because I have my little girl beside me, popping the ingredients into the processor, while my son eats dates at my feet. I distract the two of them as the crumble cooks and then say ‘not just yet’ countless times as they excitedly wait for it to cool. When I can hold them off no longer we all sit on the floor with a spoon in hand and tuck in. I can hear my husband entering the room, looking at us, gobsmacked, saying in a very serious voice ‘what is going on here’ and my daughter will giggle and tease that there is none for him. He will fill his own bowl and join us on the kitchen floor, laughing, eating, sharing.

Right now I can picture this vividly. It is a scene I know well. But in a year’s time my son will be big enough to sit at the table; my daughter will be off at sporting events, my husband, me, who knows? What I do know is that life changes constantly, sometimes more rapidly or drastically than we would like. Sometimes subtly, with us barely noticing. If only we could capture the precious, everyday moments?  The little things you feel so sure you will never forget and then something happens, times passes and suddenly it isn’t quite so clear.

Quick And Easy Apple Crumble

the Crumble 

  • 1 cup of walnuts
  • 1/2 cup coconut
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon honey*
  • pinch of salt

the apple

  • 4 apples, cored and quartered**
  • 4 medjool dates, seeds removed
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  •  1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  1. Preheat your oven to 175°C or 350°F.
  2. Pulse the crumble ingredients in your  processor and blend until the mixture resembles a well textured crumb. Pour the mixture into a bowl and set aside.
  3. Place the apple ingredients into your processor and blend until the mixture is finely chopped, but not to fine 😉 Spoon the apple mixture into a baking dish and top with the crumble mixture, bake in the oven for 25 minutes or until golden.
  4. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

*you can use rice malt syrup if you prefer.

**I typically use Pink Lady apples.

notes – this is perfect hot or cold and for breakfast or dessert.

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Quick And Easy Apple Crumble
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  • Joanna

    Hi there. I am sitting in a hotel room in Singapore, but have been collecting your recipes and cannot wait to try this crumble when I get home, it sounds simply divine. I also want to make the protein packed banana bread with my 3yo daughter, who loves cooking and loves banana bread, and who I miss very much!! We live in Wynnum (bayside). Thanks!!

    • bianca

      Lovely to hear from you Joanna. I hope you and your daughter enjoy both the crumble and banana bread as much as we do. The two you have selected are actually two of my personal favourites, we must have similar taste. I hope you are home and baking with your little one soon. Be sure to let me know how you go with the recipes. Save travels, Bianca

  • Paula

    My favourite recipe is the Caramel Slice – cut into very small portions! My kids are 3 and 5 and we live on the Gold Coast. I love Rose’s style of photography, the slide show with music for baby Penelope is beautiful 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you Paula. I am pleased you like the caramel slice! I agree, the baby Penelope slideshow is fabulous! Thanks for entering. Bianca

  • Kristine

    Wow! So many fabulous recipe ideas. I haven’t had a chance to try one yet but am planning whipping up the banana bread for my boys lunch boxes this afternoon. Also can’t wait to try the caramel mud cake for my youngest 1st birthday next Tuesday. Our boys are 10, 6 and 1 year old and would absolutely love doing a photo session with Rose. We live in Arana Hills, Brisbane northside.
    Thank you!

    • Kristine

      Just changed my mind on favorite recipe. The apple crumble is absolutely devine. I had to fight master 1 for a mouthful at morning tea. Thank you! x

      • bianca

        Thank you Kristine, this made me laugh!! I am glad you are enjoying the recipes and I really appreciate you writing. Enjoy. Bianca

  • Hiya. I love your chocolate fudge. Yum. Kids are 1 and 2 and Cannon Hill. Thanks 🙂

  • Caitlin

    Thanks so much for this recipe! We had it for breakfast this morning, and hubby, three kids and myself all loved it! It will become a regular breakfast in our house. I made it last night, let them sit on the bench over night and put them in the oven this morning. Too easy! I also added some macadamias and shredded coconut to the crumble to add more texture, as I blitzed the walnuts and butter too much and pretty much ended up with walnut butter! I did put a lot of butter in, as we love our butter, but it all turned out well in the end and tasted delicious. Thanks again for another delicious recipe!

    • bianca

      Thank you Caitlin, I really appreciate you taking the time to write and I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for all of your support. Have a great day. Bianca

  • Paige Simpson

    Hi, Caramel Slice is my weakness! Munchkins are daughter , 11 and crazy son 7. Spunkyboy ( husband) here too. I enjoy the downtime and drifting away to a far off place with B’s words. Only wish she could come and cook her recipes for us.
    Xx Paige
    Chapel Hill Qld

    • bianca

      Thanks Paige!! I would love to pop over and whip you a caramel slice. Bianca

  • Steph

    Hi there, my 2 girls (4 and 2) and I love the caramel slice and caramel fudge. I’m about to whip up this apple crumble now! Sounds easy and delicious! We live in everton park, northside brisbane.


    • bianca

      Thanks Steph, I am glad you are enjoying the recipes, let me know how you go with the crumble, we love it! Enjoy! Bianca

  • 2 childre 4 & 2 & we live at palm beach.
    Bianca im loving your apple crumble recipe at the moment. Would love to give it a go with pears

    • bianca

      It would be delicious with pears! Thanks Kristy. Bianca

    • Lee-Anne

      I tried this tonight with pears – incredible! I was a little distracted when I made it – I put the dates in the crumble – a wonderful mistake hee hee. My husband was amazed that there was no sugar, as he’s a terrible sweet tooth, and is requesting a repeat of this

      • bianca

        Thank you so much Le-Anne, I really appreciate you taking the time to write. I am very pleased that you and your husband have enjoyed the recipe. It is always nice to here that those with a sweet tooth are enjoying our wholefood recipes. Be sure to let me know if you get a chance to try out any other recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Libby Sos

    Hi there, We have two girls aged 4 and 6 who helped me make the yummy banana bread. 6 year old wanted a ‘big piece’ in her lunch box today. I just had to get some walnuts so we can make this apple crumble tonight, I plan on adding some strawberrys with the apple. We live in Glass House Mountains am hoping thats close enough to be in the running for Roses photo session 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you Libby, I am glad you are enjoying the recipes, I look forward to hearing how you go with the crumble. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Tania

    Our favourite recipe is your chocolate mousse. Kids love to dip fruit in it as well or just eat it straight off the spoon.
    My kids are 4(girl), 5 (boy) and 6 (girl). We live in Rochedale.

    • bianca

      Thank you Tania, the mousse is up there with my kids favourites too! Bianca

  • Liz Lohman

    Mmmm … I’ve just discovered your blog and can’t wait to try out your chocolate mousse for dessert tonight. My littlest girl (1yr) has lots of allergies and I’m always looking for great, healthy, nutritious, allergy free food for her. And my biggest girl (3yr) LOVES anything chocolate, so I’m sure it’ll be a hit all round!
    Hendra, Brisbane

    • bianca

      Thank you Liz, I would love to hear how you go with the mousse. I hope your family love it and that you enjoy the blog. Many thanks, Bianca

  • I love your banana cake recipe – one of the only recipes I’ve found using coconut flour that I like the texture of! You’ve got stacks of great recipes though. And I LOVE Rose’s photography! Thanks for the opportunity to enter. We are in Paddington in Brisbane and my kids are 1 and almost 3.

    • bianca

      Thank you Lisa, I am pleased you are enjoying the Banana Bread. Rose’s work is great, I wish I could enter! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Shannon

    My daughter is 2. We live in spring hill.
    We love love love making the 2 ingredient caramel squares! I have made it so many times and hubby has taken it in to work many many times as everyone in the office loves it too!
    Love all of your recipes!!!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Shannon! I am rapt that you are enjoying and sharing the recipes and that they have been a hit! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Pru

    I have made the apple crumble three times in the last week! I love it as a snack, dessert or breakfast!

    • bianca

      This made me laugh Pru!! I love it, thank you! I am rapt that you are enjoying the crumble. I agree that it is perfect for anytime. Bianca

  • Sarah

    Hi there. I tried the Apple Crumble recipe tonight. The apples were delicious! I found that the crumble was too salty. I used salted butter and then added the 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Can you please let me know if you use unsalted butter? Thanks in advance 🙂 PS. Can’t wait to try some of the other recipes!

    • bianca

      Thank you Sarah!! I am so sorry about that, I use unsalted butter and I have now amended this on the recipe. I look forward to hearing how you go with the other recipes. Thanks again for writing, I really appreciate it. Bianca

  • Leah

    I couldn’t decide between the apple crumble and brownie bites so I asked my kids and they voted the Brownie Bites! They love it as a treat and I don’t mind them having it as I know what’s in it! My kids are 4, 3 and 1 (with 1 more on the way!) and we live in Brisbane. Thanks!

    • bianca

      Thank you Leah, I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. Have a great weekend, Bianca

  • Alicia

    Oh my goodness. I got directed to you page for the first time tonight and have been ‘stuck’ here for the last half hour looking at your amazing recipes! I am going out tomorrow to buy coconut flour to make your banana bread, then on to your apple crumble and then everything caramel! Do you buy your dates at the markets (if so which one?) or a regular fruit & veg shop? I have two gorgeous daughters aged 5 (in 10 more sleeps and counting) and just turned two. We live at Geebung! Thanks for the opportunity and regardless, I am so glad I found your page!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Alicia! I too am glad you found us! I loved reading your message. I look forward to hearing how you go with the recipes. I buy my medjool dates at the supermarket, they are in the fresh produce section, often near the strawberries. Do not hesitate to ask if you cannot see them as they are readily available. Our children are of similar ages. My daughter is 5.5 and my son is almost 2. Be sure to let me know how you go with the recipes, thanks again. Bianca

  • Hi, I can’t even remember how I got to your site but I’m so glad I did! I wish I could blend up your apple crumble right now but at 11pm it might wake the kids! I have all the ingredients so I’ll be making it first thing in the morning! I also really want to try your Better than muesli and your banana bread! We have 2 beautiful boys ages 5 and 3.5 and we live on the Gold Coast.

    • bianca

      Hi Fiona, I am glad you found is also! We must have similar tastes! The recipes you mentioned are ones I make frequently. I hope you enjoy them, be sure to let me know. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Marlee Bruinsma

    We love your Share the Love Protein Balls – simple to make and a great snack alternative. We have an almost 10 year old, a 19 year old and a 21 year old :). We live at Cedar Creek (south of Beenleigh).

    • bianca

      Thank you Marlee, I am glad you like the protein balls. Bianca.

  • Michelle Singer

    I love love love your website Bianca! I love your recipe for chewy chocolate cookies. I have a little boy, Curtis (3.5) and a little girl, Claudia (6 months).
    Thanks and keep up the fantastic work with your website! 🙂

    • bianca

      Thank you Michelle, how lovely of you!! I am delighted that you are enjoying our little recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Amanda Friend

    Hey! Love love all of your recipes, but have to say the two ingrediants caramel fudge takes the cake so far 😉 I have a 3.5 year old girl and a 20mth old boy. We live at Hatton Vale past Ipswich. xx Amanda

    • bianca

      Thank you Amanda, I am glad you like the fudge! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Shannon Ruddock

    So far the crumble, but I have many of your recipes on my to do list, which I am sure will become regulars on our menu! Thanks for your recipes and easy instructions which create sensational tasty food for my family, which helps us in our additive free food journey! 🙂 Xxxx. My husband and i have 2 children 8 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.

    • Shannon Ruddock

      Oh, and we live in the Gold Coast Hinterland (Tamborine)

    • bianca

      Thank you Shannon. xx

  • Jo Dissanayake

    Would love to win this awesome prize.

    Erykah 8
    Xavier 4

    Favourite recipe Caramel Mud Cake

    Suburb Keperra

    • bianca

      Thanks Jo. xx

  • Alexia

    I have only found your website a few days ago, but I am sure I will be making lots of the recipes. I’m on the Gold Coast and I have a 6yr old and 3yr old. Your recipes are right up our alley, as I love to cook with whole foods and don’t use sugar or refined grains, but I still love to make treats for the kids and keep their lunch boxes interesting!
    Yesterday Miss 3.5 and I made the Chewy Chocolate Cookies together, they are all gone now! Delicious!

    • bianca

      Thank you Alexia, I am glad you liked the cookies! Bianca

  • Diahann

    Hi Bianca, firstly I love your site so thank you for such a wonderful resource! I have three kids aged 7, 5 and 3 and we all love your protein packed Banana Bread…although after tonight this just may change to your Apple Crumble…oh and hubby is begging me to make the Chewy Chocolate Cookies (no wonder I never get out of the kitchen

    • bianca

      This made me laugh!! Thanks Diahann, I hope you like the cookies! Bianca.

  • Diahann

    Revised email address, sorry

    • bianca

      No worries, I didn’t see your suburb??

      • Diahann

        Sorry Bianca, we live in beautiful Burleigh Heads…perfect location for a photo shoot

        • Diahann

          Hi again Bianca, just had to do a quick update. I made your Raspberry Cheesecake with Chocolate Crust for a family get together tonight and we all now officially have a new favourite recipe!! Next time though I will sneak a few pieces into the freezer before serving it to the family

  • Kerrie Signorini

    Our definate favourite recipe is the chewy chocolate cookies and also the apricot bites which I also added prunes and dates to. You could easily eat a whole batch of cookies in one sitting!! I am very lucky to have 2 special little boys levi is 3 and bailey is 1. They certainly keep me on my toes!

    • Kerrie Signorini

      Oops and we live in hope island gold coast

    • bianca

      Thank you Kerrie, I am glad you like the cookies! Bianca

  • Rosslyn Tadd

    The banana bread is perfect for this gluten and sugar free household. Simple and healthy my cooking motto. I am a single mother of three and would love a family photo of us to update the older version done 11 years ago. My children are 15, 14 and 7. We’re on the Sunshine Coast.

    • bianca

      Thank you Rosslyn, I am glad you enjoy the banana bread. Bianca

  • Bruce Duncan

    Our 3 boys aged 6, 8 & 10 love your coconut rough of course! We include it as a ‘treat’ in their school lunches. We live in North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

  • Jenica Jones

    The simply apple crumble is our family favorite especially my husband’s!

  • Jenica Jones

    Oh I forgot to say the children’s ages: a 7 year old and two 4 year olds! We live in Pimpama. Favorite recipe is the apple crumble. Thanks!

  • Nicole Duncan

    Ola,, Caramel slice = OMG yum yum!! The apple crumble sounds so delicious!! I’ll give it a go over the weekend. I have 1 boy Taj (5 months old) he has the biggest blue eyes, his a spunk. I love love love him!!
    Nicole from Jimboomba QLD

  • Sarah S

    The nut free bliss balls are a hit with my kids! I have two boys… a 3 year old, a 22 month old, and another on the way. We are on Brisbane’s southside.

  • Geraldine

    Hi Bianca – we love your recipes! I have 3 littlies – a boy, 7, a girl, 5 and a little man, 2 🙂 We live in Chapel Hill and our favourite recipe is your banana bread. My little girl is extremely fussy but she loves this for breakfast and/or happily takes it to school in her lunchbox. Many thanks and all the best!

  • Tracy bishop

    Hi Bianca,
    I made this apple crumble but had trouble with it not being crumbly. I made it in my thermomix directly after making butter in it. Is it beacause the butter was soft? I had to add a lot of flour and oats to get even a little crumbly mixture. It tasted fine but I think the original version would be better. Thanks for all your great recipes. Cheers

    • bianca

      Hi Tracy, I am disappointed that the recipe has not worked for you. I suspect that making it directly after the butter might have made a difference as the topping is crumbly and the recipe has been really well received. Thank you for your kind words, I hope you get to try some of the other recipes, be sure to let me know how you go. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Grace

    Hi, I would love to try this recipe but am not able to use the walnuts due to allergies in the family. Do you have any suggestions for a replacement?

    • bianca

      Hi Grace, you could try another nut that you have on hand or a mix of nuts and seeds, the most important thing is not to over blend. I hope this helps. Bianca

  • Jodie

    This is a recipe you must try, it is so easy and tastes awesome, another keeper Thanks Bianca 🙂

  • Cassie

    This is amazing!
    I just made with some soaked pitted dates, as your caramel slice cleared out all of my medjool dates. They didn’t quite blend up properly but I really wanted to try this tonight.
    I served with coconut yoghurt on top…yum!.finding it very difficult to not have another serve.
    Tastes way too naughty to have for breakfast!
    Thanks for sharing this recipe!

    • bianca

      Thank you Cassie, I am glad you liked it. It is lovely of you to take the time to write. Enjoy, Bianca

  • Donna

    Hi Bianca,

    Thank you for such a delicious recipe. My husband and I usually crave something different for breakfast on weekends and instead of making the usual Saturday bacon and eggs or pancakes I gave your Apple Crumble a try. YUM! My husband even went back for seconds!! Will certainly be making this often. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes.

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Donna!! I am rapt that you and your husband liked it! Lovely of you to write. Have a great weekend. Bianca

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  • I know it’s warm now and I should have been making apple crumble months ago but I’ve had been putting off making this recipe thinking it would be too much trouble fitting it into our (hectic) mornings. I finally made it yesterday and was surprised by how quick delicious it was!!! The perfect breakfast (even on a hot morning) and would make an easy dessert (I imagine its pretty amazing with some vanilla bean ice cream!).

    It’s made using apples, dates, walnuts (I actually used our deluxe raw mixed nut mix and it was great), butter, cinnamon and vanilla.

    Thanks so much! Here is my pic x

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Emma!!! I love it!! I thought I would let you know that we also love this cold if that helps with your hectic mornings at all. I am so pleased you like it and I really appreciate you sending a pic. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Kath

    Wow! We love apple crumble so def will be trying this one! Have made the choc/caramel slice which is a treat per day at the moment. So quick & easy to make.

    • bianca

      Hi Kath, thank you. I hope you enjoy it! Many thanks, Bianca

  • Jo

    I woke up this morning and realised we’d run out of breakfast. The first thing I thought of trying? This delicious looking apple crumble and I actually had all the ingredients! A sinch to wizz up and while it was baking we got our selves ready for the day. We all enjoyed a hearty, filling breakfast that gave us a good kick start to the day. Yes, my son was 20 minutes late for kinder, but it was worth it! Definitely a slow Sunday morning breakfast, but for a household that had run out of our normal breakfast, this was perfect 🙂

  • I made this today and used a few different ingredients – Amazing. I am posting my version on my blog but referencing back to your recipe. Thank you for inspiring me. Can’t wait to try the caramels.

  • nicole

    awesome! everyone in the family loves this apple crumble!!

    • bianca

      Thank you. I am glad you like it. B. xx

  • michlle

    How much coconut oil do you use in this recipe?

    • bianca

      I would use the same amount as the butter.

  • Marissa

    I absolutley love this recipe and many of the others on your website. I struggle with breakfast and this recipe makes my life so easy and my husband hates apples so its more for me 🙂 Its delicious thanks so much

    • bianca

      Thank you Marissa, I am glad you like it. You could even omit the apple and add berries or whatever fruit you like after chopping the other ingredients. Thanks for writing. Bianca

  • Lexi

    I just made the apple crumble, smells awesome, waiting for it too cool down. Just really wanted to say thank you, your recipes are simple, super easy to follow (my 3 yr old has helped me with each recipe ive tried) and really inspired me to get my family off refined sugar. This week I’ve made your chewy Choc cookies twice, banana cake, raw Choc fudge and pumpkin loaf. The pumpkin loaf was my only disappointment but that was just my taste- kids & husband ate it. And love the family stories!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate you writing! I am glad you are enjoying the recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Nicole

    My husband and I loved this!! Miss fussy 5 not so much (she didn’t like the walnuts) but I am going to work on her hehehehehe. It is so nice and light and so filling, I am currently having the leftovers for breakfast. Thanks so much for sharing and I can’t wait to try some other recipes. You are a legend Bianca!!

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Nicole!! I am rapt that you have enjoyed it. Perhaps try almonds or a mix or nuts and oats for your little girl? I look forward to hearing how you go with the other recipes. Many thanks, Bianca

  • sooo yummy.. thankyou!! the kids were overjoyed 😉

    • bianca

      Thank you Olivia, I am glad your family liked it. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. Many thanks, Bianca

  • Gab

    Hi, great recipes! Do you think I could add rhubarb to the crumble
    just with the apple without cooking it first?

  • Ingrid

    I came across your blog only yesterday and love all the healthy recipes. I immediately had to try the apple crumble and it was delicious. Greetings from the Netherlands. 🙂

    • Oh thank you so much!!! It is amazing to think the recipes reach so far. I am glad you have enjoyed the apple crumble. xx

  • Jp

    Hi. Please could you suggest an alternative for the walnuts? Or could you leave out completely? Thanks 🙂

    • You could try any other nuts, perhaps not macadamias, or a mix or nuts, seeds, coconut and oats. I hope this helps.

      • Cathy

        Why not macadamias? I’ve only just seen this and it’s in the oven with macadamias now!!

        • I think I just said that because if you over blend they can easily become a paste as they have a higher oil content, but macadamias would be divine! I hope you enjoy it. x

          • Cathy

            I did, but both my girls wouldn’t have a bar of it! 🙁 I put some homemade yoghurt on top to make it extra yummy.

          • Sorry to hear that Cathy. I hope you find some other recipes that you can all enjoy. x

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  • Sonja

    Hi Biana, this has become an absolute favourite of ours. My 3 children love it and I have been making it about once a week for dessert (with leftovers for breakfast). Yum yum! Thanks for sharing all your recipes.

    • Sonja

      Oh & I made it for my friend last week and she loved it too 🙂

      • bianca

        Perfect. Thank you.

    • bianca

      Thank you!!! I really appreciate the feedback. I am glad your family enjoys it. Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. Bianca. x

  • Paris

    How much does this make??

  • Amy

    Love this and so did miss 1.5:-) I did alter the recipe slightly – used Brazil nuts cause didn’t have walnuts and added zest and juice of a lemon. Was making it for dessert but we ate half of it for afternoon tea – oops!

    • Amy

      Oh and added a cup of oats so there was more crumble 🙂

    • Love it! Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed it. be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • sarahana

    Hi, is there anything else that I can use to replace walnuts? i’m off seeds/nuts

  • Sonja

    This has been one of our favourites for a while. Thought I’d share some of the tweaks that I do. I shred a few rhubarb stalks in the TM first, then add some dates and the apples. The base becomes a lot more moist and softer, its so yum! I also use oats with almonds or cashews for the crumble, have never used walnuts. This is a firm favourite of ours for dessert or breakfast the next day 🙂

    • Fabulous!! Thank you so much. It sounds divine!

  • Natq

    Made this morning for breakfast and my girls could hardly believe their luck! Served with a scoop of your vanilla ice cream, it was delicious. I used half walnuts half almonds. Thanks for the fantastic website.

    • Fabulous!!! Thank YOU so much!! I really appreciate the feedback and I am glad it was enjoyed. Be sure to let me know how you go with anything else that you try. x

  • Christen Toft

    Oh my goodness, what a simple and yet incredibly delicious recipe! Made for dessert last night and everyone loved it- we only wished we had leftovers for breakfast! (Seems to be a popular breakfast choice!)

    • Thank YOU!!! Yes, we love it for breakfast. I am glad it was enjoyed at your place. I really appreciate the feedback.

  • Sarah Melville

    This was delicious. The whole family enjoyed it. Thanks 🙂

    • Thank YOU!!!!! I really appreciate the feedback! I am glad it was enjoyed. xxx

  • Cass

    Made this the other day adding 2 carrots to the apple mix, added some ancient grains to crumble mix and baked them in cupcake cases, a great treat on the go or anytime! Will also be great serving size for parties I realize 🙂 thanks Bianca!

  • theparies

    Do you have any suggestion on how many days after making I can eat it in? 🙂

  • Lauren

    Made this last week and it was delicious! Ate it for brekky. Used only 3 apples as that’s all I had and added some GF oats for a bit of added fiber. Served with some vanilla coconut yogurt drizzled with maple syrup. Delightful. Thanks Bianca for another fabulous recipe!!

    • Perfect!!! Thank YOU for the feedback. I am glad you enjoyed it. x

  • Louise Gleadell

    My favourite recipe of yours x

    • Louise Gleadell

      Just made it again as your recipe came at a great time. Took me 6 mins to prepare and it is in my oven now. 😀

    • Thank YOU. x

  • Talia

    We all love this one! It’s a staple in our home. I use 2 apples and 4-6 sticks of rhubarb and add 1/2 tsp of cinamon to the crumble mixture. Thanks Bianca 🙂

    • Talia

      Although I do make the older version without coconut ????

    • Sounds delicious!! Thank YOU. x

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  • Georgia Cato

    HI Bianca,
    What size tray/pan do you make this in? And how many people does it feed?

  • Sharon Ritchie

    Made this one today-my incredibly fussy, junk food loving children are on their second helping as we speak 🙂