Chips and Dip

Chips and Dip

Everyone has a story. Everyone has walked a path. I know very few who have had a smooth run. We have had our share our ups and downs. Some of which I have talked about, such as our years of infertility treatment, and some of which I am yet to mention. There were circumstances that rocked our world beyond anything we could of imagined. These stories I wouldn’t know how to share, they are not yet making sense in my own mind.

When I was amongst these overwhelming and surreal times I found peace in the simple things. I coped by focusing on the small, the insignificant. l planned what we would have for dinner. I focused on bathing the kids, dressing the kids, on their routine. I made a conscious effort to get outside each day, to hold their hands, to walk around the block. I started playing photo a day. I needed small distractions. It was the toughest year that our little family has thus far endured, and it taught me so much. I could write a thousand posts about the many lessons, but I am just starting with one; with embracing the little things to help you through the big things. It is a lesson that I hope I never forget.

These chips are simple, they can be made mindlessly. I think its a perfect dinner for stressful times. When you need something easy but also uplifting. I have given a dip recipe that we sometimes throw together when the fridge needs emptying. But more often than not we have these chips with mashed avocado straight up, and that is how we love them.


3 sweet potatoes (I have used three different varieties), chopped into wedges

3 tablespoons coconut oil


Preheat your oven to 225 degrees Celsius or 435 degrees Fahrenheit.

Line a large tray with baking paper.

Wash your potatoes.

Put your coconut oil into a small oven safe dish and place it in the oven to melt.

Place the wedges into a medium sized bowl and drizzle over the melted coconut oil. Toss the wedges with your hands to distribute the oil. Spread the wedges onto your lined oven tray and sprinkle with salt. Bake for 20 minutes, gently turn and bake for another 15 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool slightly and enjoy!


1 tomato

1 medjool date, seed removed

1 ripe avocado

Juice of half a lemon

Generous pinch of salt

Blend the ingredients until you reach your desired consistency. Serve with your chips.

This is yet another recipe that I am posting in response to a reader request. Thank you so much for all of your letters, messages, comments and ideas. I appreciate them all.


  • jen @ hello great health

    we made these yesterday arvo and it was superb! thanks

  • Bonita

    This was very tasty. I should have taken a photo too because it really looked the part. Thank you so much for the recipes you share.

    • bianca

      Thank you Benita! It is lovely of you to take the time to write! many thanks, Bianca

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  • Annie

    I made these last night to go with home made fish fingers – I reckon they were the best chips I’ve ever made. Also made some with regular potato (I didn’t have enough sweet potato to feed 5 people) using the same method and it was easier and tastier than the chips I usually make.

    • bianca

      Thank you so much Annie, I am glad you liked them. B

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  • lauren

    do you prep the sweet potato in some way to ensure they come out crispy? mine are often mushy.

    • Bianca Slade

      I typically use the purple or white flesh sweet potato. Does that help?